Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Project 365 Catch-up

Quick little catch-up on the last week's worth of Photos of the Day.

Day 23 - First night in beds!  Piper crawled in with Paxton to go to sleep. 

Day 24 - The day after the first night in beds.  Piper fell asleep in her swing, which is NOT like her at all.  It was hilarious.  This is what happens when you stay up for nearly 3 hours destroying your room instead of sleeping.

Day 25 - The Bruch/Green family cookout!

Day 26 - I know it's super blurry, but it was dusk and the flash looked terrible.  They were catching lightning bugs and it was really cute.

Day 27 - Cousin Races at Mimi and Big Papa's house

Day 28 - It was hot this day

Day 29 - Xander has gotten into playing these weird "conquer the world" games on my phone (thanks to his geeky Daddy).  This afternoon I called him into the playroom so he would play with us and actual toys and put down the phone, and this is how he came into the room.  Of course.

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