Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Cook-Outs

We've been spending a lot of time outdoors this summer so far.  It's SO much easier to go out and play than it was last year.  And all of my kids love going outside.  So we're also doing a lot of cook-outs.  Last night we went to my parents' house for burgers.  And racing.

I just thought it was cute how my brother-in-law got down in the floor to eat with his daughter.  (Meanwhile Xander and his cousin Riley are fighting, which they did ALL evening long.)

Paxton took off a wee bit before I yelled "Go!"

There he goes again.

A Bruch family favorite - tossing children very high in the air.  (I think my husband just likes giving my mother a heart attack.)

Resting after watching all of that racing.

And on Saturday, we had my favorite type of cook-out:  one held at my father-in-law's house in Boone.  It's just so nice up there.  There's a creek and the weather is always nice, even when it's cloudy and there's scattered rain (like Saturday).  It's still relaxing.  My side of the family came and as my grandmother said, "There's nothing pretentious about it."  Just family and friends hanging out and having a good time.  I love it.

Here's what it (mostly) looked like.  Except there aren't a ton of pictures of Piper because she spent the day half-naked and the shots of her were mostly inappropriate to put on a blog.  Sorry Piper!

Cousins Kate, Paxton, and Calen.  (Side note:  Calen hung out with Pax the whole day and in 95% of the pictures of them together, he is laughing his head off.  So sweet.)

Cousins Cydney and Piper

My brother, husband, and father-in-law
Mom's going to kill me for this, but it's hilARious!

Another example of the Paxton/Calen love

He kept "falling" down and laughing

My grandfather

My brother Daniel and his wife, Caitlin

Paxton was "scaring" Pappy by sneaking up on him

Nephew Caleb

My boy
Most of us.  (Thanks to my sister Molly for taking this pic on her phone!)

I haven't sorted through all of my pictures in a few days, but I'll try to get up the Photos of the Day for the last week that I've missed soon!

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