Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Sun is Back!

Let me just start out by telling you about my little Piper.  She is such a bully to her brothers sometimes.  Xander told us tonight that Piper hit him "a lot of times" while they were playing Jenga.  And earlier when the twins were supposed to be napping, I looked on the nursery camera and saw sweet Paxton laying in his bed covered up - exactly as I left him 10 minutes earlier.  Piper, though, was jumping on his bed.  Yes, on Paxton's bed.  While he's laying in it.  Then she bends down and just slaps him in the face for no reason.  I had to run up to their room and punish her.  Then later in the afternoon, Pax was playing nicely in the playroom by himself, Xander and Lucas were outside, and Piper was running around.  All of a sudden I hear Piper making a loving "mmmm mmmmm" noise.  I look over and she has Paxton's blankie (the one thing we don't make them share - that is HIS blankie), rubbing it on her face and cooing, while staring right at Paxton.  He looked up, started to yell at her, and she turned on her heels and ran away, laughing.  I swear, that girl. . .  she is such a mess.  And pretty much exactly how I expected my daughter to be.  I adore her.

So anyway - we were outside a lot yesterday (Friday), and now me and the twins are covered in mosquito bites (even though we sprayed ourselves).  Yeesh.  I hate those things.  But oh well - it hasn't rained in 2 days and we played outside!  Woo hoo!

We actually started Friday by going to Walmart.  I put Piper's hair in pigtails for this outing and she kept them in the whole time!  (And yes - she's playing with fireplace tools and Raja's water here.  I don't even notice these things anymore.)

After Walmart we went outside to play.

Macaroni brothers!

Always with the faces.  (Two teeth gone!)

Here they were playing restaurant.  Xander ordered and the twins gave him food.

He was so tickled.  He'd say "I ordered a sandwich and she gave me bananas!"

There's the face again.  He's like a little adult and we have this "Aren't they cute?" face we give each other.  I love him.

Pretending to sleep

Then the hose came out.  I know - complain about rain, then get wet anyway.  We can't be pleased.

Then today (Saturday) we went to a birthday party at a really cool park.  It has a playground and a splash pad, and this was the first time we've been there.

This is as far into the water as Piper made it.  Paxton didn't even make it this far.

He preferred the playground.

Fun weekend so far!  And tomorrow we have church then another birthday party - this time a pool party!  But I probably won't get pictures because I'll be in the pool.  Yeah, sorry.  I keep doing that, don't I?

But here is my on-going Project 365!

Day 51 - This one is blurry and was taken with my phone, but I love it.

Day 52 - These two kill me.

Day 53 - A real smile.  Only captured when he doesn't know I have a camera on him.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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