Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Twins at Tweetsie

We love Tweetsie Railroad.  I'll be honest - the price for a single ticket is a bit ridiculous in my opinion, but if you're local, a season pass is totally worth it.  Xander got a season pass 2 years ago for his birthday, and this past Christmas he got money from his great grandmother and decided to save half and spend half on a season pass for this year.  I'd say we go up at least once a month, and probably more than that in the summer months.  It's usually just me and Xander, but this past weekend, we decided to take Paxton and Piper for their first visit.

Paxton loves trains ("choo choos"), but he does not like loud noise.  Unfortunately, real trains make a lot of noise.  So as soon as we got there, he started crying because the train was chuffing (is that a real term?) and tooting and just being noisy.  Then my mom (who also has a season pass, along with my sister and her family) called over a guy dressed as a big rabbit character and it totally freaked Pax out.  So we got away from the train and people and went to the bouncy houses.

They also had a rock wall set up, and Xander spent a lot of time on it.

After Paxton got happy from jumping around, we went up to do some rides.  The twins weren't interested in riding much, though.  They got on the carousel, but didn't like the moving horses, so we ended up sitting on the stationary bench.  Everyone else rode some things, though, and we took turns watching the twins so everyone could ride what they wanted to.

Mimi was showing them the dart game (but not playing it) while I took pictures of Xander on the Tilt-A-Whirl
Xander decided to ride alone because you spin more.  But he looked hilarious and crazy the whole time.
Here's a close-up of his face in that last one.  Me and my sister were dying laughing.
He saw us laughing and kept making crazy faces
 So I turned around from taking pictures of Xander and see this.

They didn't even play the game, but somehow walked away with a couple of balloons.  Charmers.

After that, my mom and I took the twins up to see the animals while Xander stayed with his cousins (and friends we met there) to ride more "big kid" rides.  We decided to try the chairlift with them.  A risky move, but they did great!  They liked it a lot - slow-moving and not much noise - perfect.

This was actually on the way down, taken with my iPhone, because my camera died

At the top of the chairlift are some other little rides (they weren't interested) and the Deer Park, where you get to feed a lot of cute animals.  I thought they were going to totally flip, in a good way, and especially Piper.  But once again, they surprised me.  They both liked it, but Paxton was more excited and Piper was a bit timid of the animals and spent a lot of time eating the cone that holds the animal feed.

This guy jumped up on Paxton to get a little more, and he STILL didn't freak out!

After that my camera died, but they did decide to ride the Mouse Mine train, and they liked that.  Then we were getting hungry, so we came on home to eat lunch and let them nap.

Overall, I'd say the trip was a big success.  I did miss hanging out and riding rides with Xander, so I doubt the twins will be coming with us every time, but at least I know it's manageable. 

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