Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dance-Fighting and Project 365

The other day Piper and Xander were "fighting" and I took some pictures.  But when I looked back at them, it really looks like they're dancing.  And honestly, Piper may have thought they were.  But not Xander.  For one thing, he would NEVER let me take pictures of him dancing.  So fighting it is.  Or fight dancing.  Or dance fighting.

Then Paxton thought that whatever this was, it looked pretty fun.  So he came over and joined in.

And then this usually ends up happening.  Such a good big brother.

And now I'll quasi-catch up with Project 365.  I'll still be behind a couple days because I didn't take any pictures with my "real" camera for 2 days (the battery died and I kept forgetting to charge it), and I can't find the cable to take the most recent pictures off my phone.  Seriously.  I can't find it anywhere.  Hopefully I will soon.  Until then -

Day 73 - This is how they wake Daddy up.

Day 74 - Didn't take any "real" pictures this day, so a blurry iPhone shot from our girls-only Walmart trip will have to do.  (Yes, I let her eat raisins while we shopped.)

Day 75 - Piper boycotted nap, but then conked out on the couch at 4:30pm while watching Frozen.  (Or "yah-nah," as she calls it - trying to say Anna.  It's pretty cute.)

Day 76 - Cute bath babies.  And a view of the sweet mullet Piper is sporting these days

Day 77 - More from the dance-fight session

Day 78 - Daddy told him he couldn't stand on this big tub and hop up and down.  So sad.

Hope you're having a good Sunday!  I'm mentally preparing myself to drop Xander off at Kindergarten (!) in the morning.  Pictures of that to come!

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