Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Xander is a Kindergartner!  He started Monday, but then has today and tomorrow off as they stagger-start the other Kinders, then they all go back Thursday.  I know everyone is saying how time has flown by and they just can't believe that their children are old enough for school, and in a way, I get that.  It really does seem like not too long ago that he was toddling around, speaking a language that only I fully understood.  But at the same time, I've made an effort to be very present with him - not just physically, but really taking everything in and enjoying my time with my kids.  I mean, don't get me wrong - there are days that I'm counting down to bedtime - but most of the time I'm not.  Even during the tantrums or bad attitudes or whatever.  This is where we are right now, and one day I'll miss it dearly.  So I soak it all up now.

But anyway - Kindergarten.  We started the night before.  I asked what he wanted for lunch the next day, and he decided he wanted to pack his own lunch.  So I let him.  He chose a turkey sandwich (cut to look like a Star Wars ship), Doritos (which he calls "Xander chips"), and a pudding cup.  And water.

We did normal bedtime and told him we'd wake him up in the morning in time to get ready.  As I was making his eggs, though, he got up and came into the kitchen.  He ate quickly (I was still getting the twins' plates ready when he was finished) and then got dressed.  He brushed his teeth and got his lunchbox out of the fridge and approximately 6 minutes after he woke, he announced, "I'm ready!  Where's my backpack?"

It took me just a tad bit longer to get the twins fed and dressed, but eventually, we were heading out of the door.  I took a few pictures and he was just so cute standing there in his "handsome" clothes, ready for school.

We got to the school and he was bouncing around the parking lot as we strapped the twins in their stroller (which Pax wasn't happy about).

We walked through the hall to his room and I just loved seeing his great big backpack strapped on him.  So sweet.

We got to his room and had to wait as others went in ahead of us and got settled.  We used the opportunity for a few pictures, of course.

Then he went in, handed in his paperwork, found his cubby, and sat down to color as he waited for all of his other classmates to arrive.

Lucas wanted to take a picture with him, and Xander smiled for it like he had for the other 300 we'd taken that morning.  But this time, after the picture was snapped, I saw just a trace of water filling his eyes.

He quickly put his head down and kept coloring.  We told him one last goodbye and he said bye without looking up.  We turned around and walked out and I felt my heart being pulled just a bit, as Paxton wailed "Bubby!  BUBBY!"  He didn't want to leave him either.

At home, the twins and I had a "normal" day, but it wasn't the same.  We went outside to play, but Piper discovered jumping on the trampoline is not nearly as thrilling without Xander bouncing her around.

When we picked him up, he looked happy.  I asked if he had a good day, and he said "Medium."  "Is your teacher nice?"  "Medium."  "Are there any cool kids in your class?"  "Medium."  Needless to say, he didn't really feel like talking about.

As the night went on, I did get a little more information out of him, and as he recalled certain parts of his day (playground, reading time, lunch), he smiled and told me a few stories.  And I loved it.  I am so excited for him.  Xander is so used to being the big brother around here, that sometimes he forgets he's a kid.  He calls almost everything "baby stuff," and doesn't let himself enjoy it.  So I want him to run and laugh and learn and create and have fun with other "big" kids that can show him that all of that is still okay.  More than okay.  It's what he should be doing.

I can't wait to see what this school year will hold!

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