Saturday, August 16, 2014

Goosebumps and Pictures

I made a mistake tonight.  I let Xander watch "Goosebumps" again.  Yes, that "Goosebumps."  It's on Netflix.  He discovered it many months ago and asked if he could watch them.  Like any good mother, I said "Heck yes!" and we would watch them together because I absolutely love horror/scary movies and stories.  But he started having nightmares, and I realized that either he's too young for them still, or he's like his daddy in that scary shows, well, scare him.  But tonight his daddy wasn't home and Xander asked to watch one, and I thought it would be fun so I said yes.  And he has already asked if he can sleep with me tonight.  I should have known better.

So I'm waiting for him to fall asleep before I head to my room to read (Lucas isn't home).  And although I reassured Xander that I was sure he wouldn't have nightmares, I have a feeling I may be seeing him again before morning.  Poor kid. 

While I wait, I've organized a few pictures and thought I'd catch up on Project 365.

Day 67 - Me and my husband of 10 years, celebrating in Asheville

Day 68 - Cousin picture!

Day 69 - Fall is my favorite, but I'll definitely miss summer this year.

Day 70 - They begged to take a nap on Bubby's bed

Day 71 - Such a little dude
Day 72 - I know you've already seen this picture, but I still picked it.  I love it.

Xander is asleep.  I'm heading that way.  Goodnight, friends!

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