Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nap Time with Paxton and Piper

Let me first explain the poor quality of these pictures.  These are from the camera we have mounted in the twins' room.  It shows up as black/white when it's dark, but is a color camera when it's light enough.  Nap time (when they leave the shades down) is sort of in-between, so it's an odd look.

So this was nap time today.  Oddly enough, Paxton didn't want to nap and Piper did, but I guess she was just messing with me because she hasn't slept a second.  And she's keeping poor Pax awake, who is definitely sleepy by now (that boys needs his nap).  Here, I'll show you.

She started out by pulling all of the swim diapers out of their drawer, and scattered various books and toys around the room.  This is typical.  But then she scooted her bed over to block the door.

Then she climbed on her bed (of course).

Around this point I heard a giant crash and looked to see their bookcase flipped over.

See Paxton on the left?  Those are the windows, and Piper was "stuck" trying to climb up them.  At this point I went to their room and put them back in their beds and told them to go to sleep.

Paxton then went to sleep.  This is about 10 minutes later.  Piper is climbing on his bed while he sleeps.

She was also squealing, causing him to shift around a bunch.

She went to her bed and I thought she was going to go to sleep, but then she started her sneaky laugh.  Paxton must know that laugh, because even though it is quieter than her squealing, it caused him to sit up and see what was going on.

Then she started pushing her bed toward his.

She got it almost touching. . .

. . . then started climbing between the two.

After this she jumped on him, and they were both awake for good.

So today Paxton got about a 10-minute nap and Piper didn't get one at all.

Twins are fun.


  1. I am so sorry, but this cracked me up!

    1. I know. It IS funny. Last weekend Lucas actually took everything out of their room, though. All they have now are the beds. (And one Woody and one Jessie doll.) Yet she still causes mischief, pushing the bed around everywhere and climbing on Paxton while he tries to sleep. I've got a wild girl.