Thursday, August 28, 2014

Park Day

Xander had his first day of school on Monday, but then he didn't have school at all on Tuesday or Wednesday.  So we decided to do some fun things on those days.  Tuesday we went to the park.

We haven't gone to the park much this summer because inevitably the twins decide to run 2 different directions with one (Piper) climbing to the highest point she can find, while the other (Paxton) runs away from the playground altogether, opting for the parking lot or apartments next-door.  Meanwhile, Xander is doing his own thing.  And we basically have a mini-playground in our (fenced-in) back yard, so why risk one of them getting stitches or stolen?

But as they're getting bigger, it's getting just slightly easier to all go out places without enclosed areas.  So we invited a friend and went to the park.

Look at her toes

And even though Xander got huffy (he's not very happy when I'm talking to adults and there aren't kids his age nearby - we're working on that), I think we all had a good time.  Paxton got to explore and play with his buddy, Piper got to climb and jump, and Xander got to run around outside a bit.  And I got to talk to an adult.  And be outside.  Double win.

Our pal Evan

Wednesday we ate lunch with my mom and while I was really hoping to go to a Mexican restaurant, we let Xander choose.  So we ate at Burger King.  Mmmmmmmm.

Then today he went back to school.  And I took it a little harder than I did the first day, actually.  I think it's because he didn't want me to walk him in, so we went through the drop-off line, and when it was our turn, he just hopped right out.  No kiss, no hug, no "bye," nothing.  Just hopped out, saw his friend, and bopped into the school.  This makes me crazy happy and proud, but a bit sad too.  And of course, Paxton is yelling "No Bubby school!  No Bubby school!" the whole time.  Poor guy.

But we'll get used to it eventually.  It's just not really the same without our Bubby around.

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