Thursday, August 14, 2014

The One with Random Thoughts

You guys.  I'm tired.  Today is my 10th anniversary.  We also had a house showing today.  I cleaned up a lot yesterday/last night, but the showing wasn't until this afternoon, so I had to keep it clean all morning.  And trying to keep a house clean with 2 toddlers and a creative "big" kid is like. . . I don't know.  Sweeping during a tornado.  In the desert.  I don't know.  But I'm tired.

You like how I just breezed past the fact that today is my anniversary?  It was low-key (we celebrated Saturday).  Lucas had a meeting tonight that got canceled last-minute, so my parents offered to babysit so we could go out.  And I said no.  I'm just so tired.  Have I mentioned that?  We got take-out and played outside instead.  And it was great.

I just had to stop and think about how to spell "great."  And I used to be an editor.  I can't even think.  In fact, my friend just sent me an email with my last name in it - Bruch.  That is pronounced "brew."  But when I read the email, in my head I read the word "brunch."  I mean - really?  I can't even recognize my own name?  There's something wrong with my brain tonight.

No, I'm not drunk.  Promise.

So instead of a lot of words, I'll just show you some pictures from the past few days.  These are from the weekend with family, and then just around here too.

I'll talk more about my anniversary and my wonderful husband in another post.

Xander, his cousin, and some friends - refusing to smile.  Looks like an album cover.

Every year Lucas's sister and her boys come up for a weekend in the summer and we have a cook-out with a big slip-n-slide.  This year it rained, and that definitely didn't stop them.  However, I had to make a protective "hood" for my camera out of Xander's t-shirt, and it messed up my lighting big-time.  So I don't have a ton of shots.  But here's a cute one of my nephew Elijah.  (Best dimples ever?)

Nephew Caleb.  This kid is never cold - ever.  The other boys were having fun, but a bit chilly, so they didn't slide quite as much.  But Caleb?  Oh, he slid down about a hundred times.  He's fun.

Xander busted it right before this, and I think he may have been a little hurt.  But decided to laugh it off, since everyone was watching.

Speaking of watching - Paxton wasn't quite ready for the slip-n-slide.  Maybe next year.

Annual cousin picture.  Paxton is usually the one messing it up.  (Check out Piper's duck face.)

Behind-the-scenes - trying to get Paxton to smile by offering him Coke

It didn't really work. 

This is more Paxton's speed.  He loves books.  And his aunt Molly.
Aunt Jaime with Piper

The two boys on the left are twins that live next-door to Lucas's mom.  They are so different from each other, but both really sweet and very polite.  Xander loves playing with them when we go over.  And that's Elijah and Xander, too.  All patiently waiting.

They were not at all interested in looking at the camera when they could be diving into the watermelon.

Piper and her great-grandmother.  I love this sweet picture.

Paxton with Lucas's mom - Grandy.  They were tickling each other with the plant.  I'm pretty sure Paxton ate 4 slices of watermelon that night.

And now I'm going to bed.  Let's hope this decrease in mental capacity is temporary. 

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