Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Week. And some of last week.

(Continuing my Project 365)

Day 79 - After Xander met his teacher, he helped Piper walk back to the car.  I love the love they have for each other.

Day 80 - Raja has been sad since we lost Bosco, so we're trying to give her extra attention and affection.  Some of us give this in odd ways.

Day 81 - My observers

Day 82 - Playing on my phone after church

Day 83 - First day of Kindergarten!

Day 84 - Handsome boy at the park
Day 85 - She put these on, walked to the door, and said, "I simming, Mommy?"

Day 86 - Hanging out at Xander's soccer practice

Day 87 - I was afraid we would have meltdowns in the 30-minute car rider line to get Xander from school each day.  But not yet.  We have snacks, dancing to the radio, excitement to be getting Xander, and even the cutest (and clearest!) shout of "I see Bubby!" by this guy when we get close to the doors.  He seriously loves his brother.

Day 88 - A little iPad time while we wind down for bed.  I love, love, love the boys' crossed legs here.

And I'm caught up!  Have a fabulous Labor Day, everyone!

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