Friday, September 26, 2014

Beach Trip! (aka Hiatus is over)

I'm back!  Both from our beach vacation and my blogging vacation.  We've actually been back from the beach for a few days, but I've just had so. much. happening that I haven't even felt like going through my pictures.  Now you know that means I'm wiped out.

But anyway - I went through most of them today (not the ones on my phone), and I've picked a few beach pictures to share.  We went with some of our best friends and a some of their family and we had a great time.  The weather was mostly wonderful, the beach wasn't crowded at all, and the majority of us loved it.  Some of us were afraid of the ocean, though (*ahem*Paxton*ahem*).

First time on the beach in over a year!

Xander and Piper ran right out to the water

Lucas followed the adventurous pair while I waited with my cautious boy

Finding some good waves

They loved the water (ignore the spots - my lens got filthy)

5 minutes later, Paxton is still navigating the sand

This was the first and last time he got in the ocean this trip.  In fact, after this, it would take 30 minutes of crying each time we came out before he would even touch the sand.  That wave you see coming traumatized him.  My sensitive Paxton.

Meanwhile, Piper is using the ocean as her giant private tub

After the beach, we hit the pool.  On this morning, it was a tad chilly.  Xander didn't last much longer after this.

Paxton wasn't even getting a toe in that water.

Piper, on the other hand. . .

We went inside for lunch/twin naps, but Xander went back out with Uncle Cliff.  Because he does this.

Cliff and family came in for lunch by the time we were finished eating, so Xander went back out with Daddy while I stayed in to let the twins nap.  (I took these from the balcony, by the way.)

Xander had fun learning how to catch the perfect wave

They came in after a while, and Xander convinced me to go back out again.  The kid lived in the water this whole trip.  I love it.

On our first night there we went for a walk (or a carry, if you're Paxton) after dinner and saw the biggest and brightest rainbow ever.  Then it turned into a double rainbow.  I wish we could have captured it the way it looked live.  Amazing.

He's happy if he's not touching the sand or water.

Oh, and this happened every time I tried to take a walk with this kid.  Shorts, underwear, and all.  Four times.  I mean really - you'd think I would have learned after the second time.  Or at least the third.  Finally, the fourth time, he explained it to me, "Mommy, I can't help it.  I see the ocean and I hear the waves and I just HAVE to jump in!"  Well okay then.  How do you argue with that?

I can't explain it, but I wanted to die of the extreme cuteness when they washed off their own feet.

Buddies.  I love this.

This was not set up.  Paxton liked the glasses.

This was Paxton getting closer to the sand - I'd say we had been out around 45 minutes or so at this point.  Colton and Piper were trying to show him how fun it is.

But then Colton needed a snack so he joined Paxton on the towel.

Piper re-joined big brother, of course

This picture just captured this trip to me.  The sun, the non-crowded beach, the brightly colored kid stuff. 

The other kids finished their snacks and went back out to play.  Paxton re-found his shades and moved to the chair.  I love this boy.

An hour later Paxton took a walk with me down to this canal/waterway/pool thing.  (I'm sure it has a real name, but I don't know what it is.)  And there were a ton of birds and he really liked that.

While Paxton watched birds, Piper and Xander stood near the very edge and let the sand crumble beneath them so they'd fall in the water.  Then crack up laughing.

She's jumping.  He's watching.

Xander jumping in the water, as seen from the balcony.

Cool tricks with Uncle Cliff

This looked even cooler on ground level

Last picture from the trip.  Xander loved building a sand castle.  He did not love posing with it.

So there's the condensed version of the beach trip.  We hung out with our friends a lot more than this, too, but it's weird putting other people on a public blog, you know?  I realize it's basically just my dad and husband who read this thing, but you never know!  So anyway - not pictured is all the fun we had with our friends, especially after the kids were in bed for the night.

Thanks for re-joining me after the blogging break.  I'm planning on catching up Project 365 soon and then hopefully I'll get back in a groove of blogging more often.  I always feel like there's nothing worth talking about on here, but then a week goes by and there's so much happening that I feel like I can't even type it all.  It would be much easier to just keep up with everything as it happens.  For example, today I could blog about how me and Lucas thought it would be a great idea to take all of the kids to Lowe's so we could pick materials for a new project.  Then we thought it would be a great idea to let them run around the garden area while we attempted to look at gravel (without strapping them in carts/stroller).  Yeah - it wasn't.  At all.  There were blood, sweat, and tears involved.  I'm not even kidding.  All three of those.  Plus a lot of dirt.

But I digress.

Anyhoo - have a great weekend!!  Thanks for reading!

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