Monday, September 8, 2014

Catching up

I have a packed-full 2 weeks ahead of me, which will include soccer games, job interviews, family pictures, meetings, football games, various church events, a birthday (making a snack for school), a birthday party (different day - more food), and packing for, and then going to, the beach.  I may or may not blog during all of that, so today I thought I would get caught up on my Project 365. 

Day 89 - My parents had gone camping fairly nearby, so we went to the campsite and hung out a while, exploring the woods.  Mimi knows all sorts of things about nature.

Day 90 - Boys.

Day 91 - Chatting instead of napping.  (See where Piper's bed is.  That's not where it goes.  She does that every day.)

Day 92 - After-school pool party with friends!

Day 93 - Passing the time while we wait for Bubby to get out of school

Day 94 - The latch on our bedroom door broke, which means the kids can get in our room, and then bathroom, whenever they want.  (Like when their sister is getting changed, for example.)  Then they proceed to cause mischief.

Day 95 - Boys are coloring sweetly while Piper dumps her popcorn on the floor.  Then eats it like a dog.

Day 96 - I'm not kidding, this is the only picture I took Sunday.  I just had to document the outfit Xander picked out for Sunday School.  I love that kid.

Day 97 - Piper kissing her sock puppet dog. 

Tomorrow is Xander's first soccer game so I'll be taking pictures and I'll try to post at least once more this week just to get those up here.  Watching 5 and 6-year-olds play soccer is seriously the most hilarious and adorable thing, you guys.  I love it.  So stay tuned for that. 

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