Monday, September 29, 2014

The Rest of the Story

I finally pulled pictures off my iPhone (because we had a showing this morning which means my house is clean and I didn't feel guilty about "wasting" nap on sorting pictures), and I found more that I took at the beach.  They reminded me of some extra beach stories that I didn't blog about.  Which reminded me of Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story."  Does anyone even remotely close to my age know what that is?  Probably not.  I remember riding with my grandfather - Papa - and listening to it on the radio.  As an 8-year-old, I actually found it very interesting, which probably says a lot about me.  I just don't know what.

So here are a few more beach pictures.

The day we left was Talk Like a Pirate Day (or something).  Krispy Kreme would give you a free DOZEN glazed donuts if you came in dressed as a full-out pirate.  I half-jokingly told Lucas we should stop at as many KKs on the way there and dress Xander up.  Lucas was in.  So I made an eye patch, we found a bandana, I grabbed a red belt from his ninja costume, and pulled a shirt out of my closet (which actually belonged to my mom when she was a teenager), and voila - pirate.  We got 3 dozen free on the way there.  If Piper had not been in a terrible mood, we would have gotten many more.

Pax was the first to conk out.  With a blanket as a hat.

Oh - so Xander saved up his birthday money and got an iPod touch.  For those who don't know (I didn't), it's basically an iPhone without the capability of calling people.  However, you can text.  This was a bit of our conversation on the way to the beach when we were desperately needing Piper to fall asleep so we could go a long stretch without stopping.

And she finally did.  For like 45 minutes.  Still - better than nothing!

We arrived!  The kids went a little crazy after being in the car all day and seeing all our friends there.  Paxton is a bit more laid-back than the others, and our friend's little girl definitely picked up on that and liked it.  They hung together a lot of the weekend.

Our first full day there, I was watching Lucas and Xander play from the balcony and I saw two little girls running.  They started walking, then one walked faster so the other did, then they jogged, then a full sprint.  They were so cute with their blonde heads just chasing each other on the beach and it reminded me of me and my sister.  We ended up talking to them every day (they have another sister and a little brother too) and they were all SO sweet.  Xander was really smitten with the girls.  Yes, all of the girls.
This was on our late-afternoon beach walk.  Before he got wet.

I remember I took this picture because he looked so little.  Sometimes I forget he's just 6 years old, because he acts like he's 16.  I want him to remember he's a little kid, and the beach brought that out.

Here's the previously mentioned double rainbow (and that's me with the bright yellow shirt and Piper bending over near me).  Not a great picture, but you can see the 2 arches.

I love the feel of the sand on evening walks.  It's so soft and cool.  Xander and Piper like it too.

PIper likes it a lot.

So since the twins are out of cribs, we bought air mattresses to bring instead of pack-n-plays.  This was at the foot of our bed in our room.  Here all 5 kids on the trip decided to jump on the beds.  (Xander and Colton are sort of hard to see, but they're both there.)  Paxton isn't so sure he likes all of these kids on his bed.

Perfectly timed shot.  I love this one.

Waking up slowly - playing on the phone before even getting out of bed.

Piper liked to eat on the balcony.  She's snacking on blueberries here.

And here's a front view from Uncle Cliff and Xander's pool trick.

I was going to catch up on P365, but I have to go get Xander from school now (I may have been distracted by Netflix and not fully concentrated on this post during nap).  So I'll save that for tomorrow.  Hope you're having a good Monday!

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