Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Xander's first soccer game

Today was supposed to be a long day.  And it was - but not in the way I had planned.

This morning I had a job interview.  Which is, in itself, a blog post.  I mean - not the actual interview, but the fact that I may be joining the work force again.  But anyway - getting ready for that, dropping off the kids, doing the interview, getting the twins, getting home, and eating lunch lasted from 6:45am until 12:45pm.  So then I put the twins down for nap.

That's where my plan changed.

Piper didn't nap.  She's been doing this lately.  She just stays awake and plays in the room.  Paxton falls asleep, but she doesn't.  She'll either leave him alone and play for a bit, then fall asleep herself - or she gets bored and wakes him up.  Today she woke him up after about 10 minutes of him napping.

While I was waiting for her to fall asleep (which never happened), I got half-way ready because we were having family pictures made this afternoon.  These pictures were supposed to be 10-year-anniversary pictures, taken in August to coincide with our 10-year anniversary.  But the weather that day had other plans, so we postponed to today.

Okay, so no nap, but that's okay - I can probably make them smile anyway.  So with half of my hair curled, the other half piled on my head like a crazy woman, and wearing Duke sweatpants and a tank top, we all hop in the van and go pick up Xander from school.  When he got in the van, I noticed his eyes were red.  As soon as the van door shut, he burst into tears and cried, "My belly hurts!"  (He never told his teacher that he felt bad.)

So no pictures.  Rescheduled.  Again.  Okay, that's okay.  No big deal.  So the twins are fussy (no nap), but I need to take care of Xander, who is now throwing up.  So I hand them my iPhone to play with (which they do often) while I get Xander settled and quarantined in his room.  I get him set up with his Sprite and some books, and I leave his room.  And I see Paxton holding my phone.  Over the toilet.  And it's dripping.

So sick boy, no pictures, and no phone.  But I had my job interview!

And last night was much better than tonight.  Xander's first soccer game!  He did really well and had a blast.  We had tons of fun watching, too.  They're all really really cute.

The twins found some "spare" soccer balls (they belonged to someone) and played "CATCH!" with Granny and Pappy

There he goes!

Thumbs up!  Um, sorta.  (He tried.)

They both ended up on the ground here.

Piper helped Bubby wait when it wasn't his turn

One of his goals!  (He scored 5.)

The team!

They don't officially keep score at this stage, but Xander did.  He said it was 11-7 and his team won.  Everyone had a lot of fun, though - on both teams.  I can't wait until the next one!

And now I'm going to sleep and pray that all of my children wake up healthy.

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