Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beautiful Fall

First off - the potty training.  It didn't happen today.  Piper woke up and within a few minutes had a VERY messy diaper.  I will spare you details, but it was the worst one I've seen in about a year or so.  Still - she wanted to do underwear, so we did it for a while.  She never went to the potty by herself, so I made her sit on it about an hour after changing into underwear.  And . . . um. . . more of the messy diaper happened.  Luckily, it was in the potty, but I just didn't think I could clean that off the floor, couch, etc. all day, so we went with diapers.  (Which was a good call - she had a few more like that.)  We'll try again tomorrow.

But it wasn't a bust of a day at all.  It was gorgeous sunny morning, so we ran some errands.  (Among them, getting Xander a notebook and some pens, because he's been wanting to write lately.  The first thing he wrote when he got home?  "Daddy and Mommy and Xander and Paxton and Piper" and he tried not to smile as he handed it to me.)  Then home for nap - aka destruction of the twins' room - then to get Xander from school and then, finally, playing outside.

This is why I love October.  Falling leaves, crisp breeze, but still 82 degrees.  Perfect.

They were supposed to jump over Bubby, but apparently jumping ON him is much more fun.

It was a fun afternoon.  Oh, and today Paxton said a couple "sentences" and it was awesome.  Piper is more of the talker, and I love hearing her chatter away.  And I love hearing Paxton slowly coming along, too.  Today he came up to me and said, "Mommy!  Ball?"  I said, "Where is your ball?"  He said "Iown know.  Frew it."  I said, "You don't know because you threw it?"  "Uh huh!"  So cute.  So. Stinking. Cute.

I love these kids.  What a blessing it is to watch them grow. 

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