Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Pictures

These were supposed to be anniversary pictures.  August 14 was our 10-year anniversary, and so I had this idea of going back to the place we got engaged and the place we got married to have our pictures made.  It was going to be mostly me and Lucas, and a few of the kids, too.  But as time got closer, I realized - I want more pictures of my kids.  So it turned into mostly family/kid shots, and a couple of me and Lucas (thanks to my mom who came along to watch the kids while we did a few of just us).

The weather and some sickness made us reschedule several times, but a few weeks ago we finally had the pictures made.  Our dear friend Kelly of Kelly Harmon Photography took them for us again.  She is quite pregnant, but hiked and stepped in cow patties and lugged camera equipment up several big hills to get to these locations.  And even though it was really gross and drizzly outside, you really can't tell (except if you look at my hair - UGH).  But Kelly really worked some magic with the lighting and everything.  I love the results.

So here you go - a few of my favorites from the shoot.

We got engaged under this tree 11 years ago
And we got married here 10 years ago

Jumping, of course

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