Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Pretty Days

I do realize that a lot of what I post about revolves around the weather.  That's sort of weird, huh?  But a lot of what we do revolves around the weather, honestly.  If it's pretty out, we're almost always going to go play outside.  We just like outside.  Outside's our favorite.  (We also may have watched Elf this weekend.)

I think the thermometer has hit 80 for 3 or 4 days now.  It's pretty fantastic.  And odd, considering this is the last week of October.  Maybe odder that despite the heat, we still feel the urge to watch Christmas movies.  And by "we" I mean "I."

So anyway - yesterday me and the twins went to the park to meet our buddy Evan and play a bit.  I put both of them in jeans (they're usually in knit pants or leggings) and they just looked so big to me.  Like little kids instead of babies.  I guess they're in between, but yesterday they were leaning more to the "kid" side.

Then we went home for lunch and "naptime" (again - no sleeping), then we picked up Xander, came home for a snack, played outside some more, then Xander had his last soccer game for the year.  He scored 7 goals!  And he got a trophy, which he was very excited about, although he didn't want anyone to know it.  He tried to hide his smile when anyone complimented him on it.  He came in the house after the game and went straight for his room to put it up.  So cute.

The money is from his Mimi, who pays him $.50 for every goal.  I think his great grandfather actually gave him some last night too.

The twins are upstairs alternately giggling and fighting, so I'm going to go get them.  I'll try to get up some photos of the day tomorrow.  And maybe in a day or two I'll compile some Xander quotes for you too.

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for reading!

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