Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Piper and the Potty

That title sort of sounds like a fairy tale.  But it's not.  Because potty training is not magical.  Unless your child is Xander, of course.  And Piper is no princess.  I guess she's closest to Princess Fiona.  Human-form Princess Fiona, of course.  She can hold her own, she's feisty, she's not afraid of anything, and her squeals could make a bird explode.

But anyway - the potty.  So - I've never actually potty-trained a child.  Xander trained himself, which is the aforementioned magical part of potty training.  He had sat on the potty several times out of curiosity, but one day a month or so after he turned 2, he just decided he wanted to use the potty all the time.  And he did.  If he was wearing underwear, he would NOT have an accident.  Even at night.  (He did have a couple when he was completely naked, but obviously we weren't like at a store or something.)  So yeah - I have no potty training experience.

As the twins approached the age of 2, I started reading online about potty training, and with twins specifically.  And I learned. . . that everyone has a different opinion.  Many say to wait for "readiness" signs.  Many say to wait until 2 1/2 - 3 years.  Many say that an 18-month-old is the perfect age for it, and you should start before they ever show any interest whatsoever.  Some say to let them wear underwear while training.  Some say Pull-Ups.  Some say nothing at all.


So this morning Piper saw a pair of her princess underwear and wanted to wear them.  As she's laying on the changing table, I explained that she gets to wear those when she uses the potty all the time.  She said okay.  I started to put her diaper back on, and she yelled, "NO!  NO!  Derwear!  Derwear!"  So I asked if she wanted to start using the potty.  She said, "Uh huh!"  So we started.  Unplanned, and they still don't have many signs of "readiness," but we started.  (With just Piper, to be clear.  I just can't do both at the same time alone.  More proof that I am not Super Mom.)

Now, I've done this "Let's try it" thing before.  Sometimes with just one twin, and sometimes with both at the same time.  I've read the "3-Day Potty Training" method, and it says to put them in underwear and watch them like a hawk.  When you see them start to "go," run them to the potty, put them on it, and calmly say, "This is where we pee-pee."  (Don't quote me - but that's the general idea.)  You don't get upset, you just state facts - we pee in the potty.  So that was my general plan.  But every other time I've tried, I've given up after the third puddle (which is about 45 minutes in).  It's just - well, difficult.  Usually by the time I leave the bathroom with the one who peed, I find that the other one has been splashing in the puddle while we were sitting on the potty.  Gross, but true.  Things are a bit trickier with two of them and just one adult.

So really, I wasn't expecting to get far today.  But we tried it anyway.

First accident - I caught her right away and we ran to the potty.  I sat her on it, but she was done.  Nothing in the potty.  I told her it's "no no" to pee in the underwear and that pee pee goes in potty.

Second accident - I caught her even earlier, and just a few drops had gotten in her underwear.  Still yet - nothing in potty.

Third accident - She soaked her underwear.  As she sat on the potty and I was cleaning her legs, she pointed at the underwear and said, "no no!"  This alone made me put underwear back on her instead of a diaper.  Still nothing in potty.

Fourth accident - I wasn't watching her because I was wiping Paxton's face, and I looked up and saw her peeing all over herself.  But this time, she looked up with big eyes and said, "Potty?"  This actually made me really happy, despite the large puddle in the floor.  She understands!  Still nothing in the potty, but understanding is a start.

I put her back in a diaper for nap, because I'm just not that brave.  I found out Xander's soccer game was canceled for tonight, so now I think we'll do this the rest of the day, just to see how it goes.  We have no plans for tomorrow either, so who knows?  Maybe we'll ride this out a few days and see what happens.

But first - I need to make Lucas stop by the store and buy more Pine Sol.  And maybe another pack of underwear.

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