Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Project 365 catch-up

I should be doing laundry.  Oh well.

Day 106 - Xander's birthday.  This is him under his tree.  You can see the tree growth (through last year) here.

Day 107 - Lucas had to work late this day (the day before we left for the beach), so I skipped cooking and grabbed japanese food for dinner.  The twins finished early, so I left my dinner on the table while I got them from the table and bathed them.  I got Piper out and dried her off and in a clean diaper.  Then I did the same for Paxton.  Then I walked back to finish my dinner.  And I was suddenly all done.  Piper got 2 baths this night.

Day 108 - After a 17-hour drive (not really - just felt like it), we arrived at the beach!  With a great view.

Day 109 - Watching a beautiful double rainbow with one of my boys

Day 110 - Notice how Lucas has to hold Paxton so his feet don't touch the sand

Day 111 - This may be the 3rd time I've posted this, and I apologize.  But this is my favorite photo of the day.

Day 112 - Riding home from the beach.  Paxton's pants are off, but he has his blankie hat!  Piper is playing peek-a-boo with her own blanket and Xander is just - over it.

Day 113 - The only picture I took on this busy day.  I love her little shirt.  Too bad it's a belly shirt on her.

Day 114 - Gorgeous sky on the way home from Xander's soccer game

Day 115 - We took the twins to Lowe's.  I don't want to talk about it.

Day 116 - I took the kids to my niece's ball game.  This is the only 2 seconds Piper stood still, but it sure did look cute while it lasted.

This is just a "before" picture.  Keep reading.

Day 117 - Our new walkway!  The fruits of many hours of work (by my husband) and that crazy Lowe's trip (and 2 other Lowe's trips).  It looks a ton better.  I like it.

Yay!  Now to do homework, start dinner, and take the kids to the Greenway on this gorgeous day.  Have a fantabulous week!

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