Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick Post

I've got about 10 minutes before I have to get the twins up and get Xander from school, so this will be quick - like this week.  I can't believe it's Friday.  It flew by.  We didn't do too much, really.  I got to hang out and watch a movie with my pal (with no kids around), we had a tornado warning and crazy storms, we had a make-up soccer game, we had small group.  Yep.  That's about it.

Here's some pictures of the day(s) - all taken with my phone because I've gotten lazy with my camera again.

Day 131 - The only picture I "took" (off the nursery cam) of Paxton napping and Piper reading a book.  After she pushed her bed against the door.  This was Sunday and I have no idea why, but I rarely take pictures on Sunday.  Isn't that weird?

Day 132 - Reading before (the twins') bedtime.  Xander likes to help put them to bed too.

Day 133 - This girl is suddenly all about some baby dolls.  She plays with them a lot and they do what she does (get in the tent, eat, watch Curious George, etc.).  It's pretty cute.

Day 134 - They found Daddy's and brother's drinks that were left on the kitchen table from the night before.  They were so excited and proud that I let them have a few sips (and took a few pictures) before I took them away.

Day 135 - This boy's bedhead has no equal.  It's amazing.

Gotta run.  Hope you have a great weekend!!

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