Thursday, October 9, 2014

Today's not over

It's "nap time" - which today has meant - "go to your room and move around all the furniture and wrestle time" - so I feel weird picking a photo of the day already.  What if I get a fantastic picture later?  But I already got a fairly cute one this morning when we were playing outside, so. . . decisions, decisions.  So as I sit here and let my new phone load (you may recall that Paxton dropped my old one in the toilet, and as luck would have it, my contract was almost up and the brand new iPhones were coming out.  But I still got an older model because I'm cheap), I thought I'd get caught up - again - on my Project 365.  I'm about 1/3 of the way through!  Crazy.

Day 118 - Batman takes pride in ridding the world of yet another evil villain (as seen from the camera in their room)

Day 119 - Throwing cushions off the couch then dancing around

Day 120 - Rebel

Day 121 - A new favorite

Day 122 - He drew the big rounded part and pointed to it and roared.  I think it's a dinosaur.  Then he drew a bunch of other squiggles (he's starting them here) and connected them all and said, "Choo Choo Train!"  Prodigy.

Day 123 - Me and my parents took the kids out to eat at a "real" restaurant, which we never do.  The ratio of 1:1 was still not enough adults.  They weren't fans of waiting an hour to get food.

Day 124 - This is her face when she sees something spooky (or "POOOO-KY!"). 

Day 125 - Look at all that hair!!!

Day 126 - Love this one

Day 127 - My sweet Xander.  I love this kid to death.

Day 128 - This morning.  Piper refuses to learn to use the pedals.  But really - why should she?
Okay, off to get my twins up from their hour of destruction then go get Xander.  Then we'll probably play outside again because even though it's still gorgeous here, I know winter will be here before we know it and we should play in the sunshine while we can.

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