Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday happenings

I've been battling myself with whether or not to get Paxton's hair cut.  It's fairly long, but it's really pretty, y'all.  I know it won't stay blonde long, and it's just so cute.  I envisioned him having cute, shaggy, surfer-boy hair.  (You know what I mean?)  But it won't flip out or look cute, really - it just hangs over his ears looking like a helmet.  So this morning I bribed the twins with suckers and "Mimi Coke" (which is Coke) and we headed to the barber shop and Pax got a little trim.

He sleeps on his back, so his hair is always crazy back here, even after a trim

He did better than I expected.  His first haircut was torture and the next "trim" didn't last long, because he kept shaking his head back and forth and swatting at Big Papa.  Oh, and yeah - my dad, their Big Papa, is a barber.  So that helps.  So yeah - this time I sat him on my lap, gave him a sucker and my phone, and he looked down and played Angry Birds while my dad worked.

I like it!  I wanted to keep it long on top (he'll let me trim his bangs every now and then so I wasn't worried about that) but get it off his ears.  It looks very cute.

After that we came home and gave the dog a bath, which means I have had a crazy productive Tuesday so far!  And look, now I'm blogging.  I should take a nap.

Here are pictures from the last few days for my P365 project.

Day 136 - Probably our last day of playing outside in shorts (and some of us topless) for the year

Day 137 - Xander and his cousins at our local fall Carnival.  Right after I snapped this, Xander knocked that giant spider off the dude's hand.

Day 138 - The top part of this was my very first Instagram post.  The bottom was taken almost exactly 2 years later.

Day 139 - I went to get them up from nap yesterday and walked in on this nonsense.  They're so fun.

That's all for me, folks.  I've met my quota on getting things done.  Except for getting Xander from school, getting diapers changed, snacks doled out, playing with the kids, getting everyone ready for the soccer game tonight, dinner, baths, and bedtime, of course.  ;)  Hope you're having a productive Tuesday too! 

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