Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clean House

My house is still (mostly) clean from the 2 showings we had yesterday, so I am finally going through pictures from the past week.  Really - it's not the "blogging" part that takes time; it's the pictures.  The pictures I take in a typical week will take me about 1-2 hours to upload, sort, and name.  I know that's ridiculous.  Maybe I should think about not taking so many pictures?  Probably not.

Anyway - this past Saturday was busy busy and very fun.  We left around 9:00am and got home about 7:00pm.  We started by going to our friends' house for the (somewhat-) annual Turk-Out, which is a cook-out with turkey.  It takes about 90 minutes to get there, and the kids were surprisingly good.  Paxton played with his blankie and thought he was so cute with this string in his face.

And he was right.

Anyway - we finally got to our friends' house.  They have twin girls that are 3 days older than Xander, and a 1-year-old girl too.  We got there a little earlier than everyone else so the kids could run and play.

Xander with his "girlfriends" (as he's always called them) - Samantha and Elizabeth

How great is this yard and that playhouse?

After lunch, we drove straight to my nephew's 4th birthday party; another 90-minute trip.  This time was a tad quieter.

Then we got to Riley's party.  I can't believe he's 4.  I remember waiting in the hospital all night for him to be born.  And waiting another day to find out his name.  For four years now he's been a tornado of energy and I just LOVE him. 

After his party, we went to Grandy's (Lucas's mom) house to celebrate her birthday with lasagna!  There was cake too, but I'll take lasagna over cake any day.

So that was Saturday.  Now I have run out of time because I need to go get Xander from school.  Like now.

See ya!

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