Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leaves with cousins

Monday my mom was off work, as was my sister.  So mom decided to rake up leaves and let the kids come over and play in them.  And it was pretty fun.  My brother and his wife came over too.

Yes - an entire family event simply to jump in leaves.  It's how we roll.

We started like we start most things - with Paxton clinging to my leg.  (I can't remember why Piper wanted to be held but that's out of the ordinary.)

It didn't take them long to join the party though.  (See cousin Kate gently guiding Pax to the pile?  So sweet.)

Kate is a self-proclaimed "girly girl" and didn't want to get leaves in her hair at first, but then she got right in there.  I was proud of her.

Then Xander wanted to use the leaf blower and started blowing right in Piper's face

She was not a fan of that, so my brother saved her

Uncle Daniel the hero

Then my dad walks around the corner with 2 huge jars of pickles.  No explanation needed, right?

Rolling down the hill.  Sort of.

Then Uncle Daniel explained a game called "King of the Hill" and they were all about it.

While the big kids pushed and rolled around with each other, the twins wrestled with Mimi

Then Kate had to go to a birthday party, so the rest of us went on a nature walk

We've totally enjoyed the warm weather this Fall so far.  The future forecast is showing temperatures in the 30s and 40s though, and Christmas is exactly 6 weeks from today (!), so I think I may start decorating.

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