Sunday, November 9, 2014


I'm back!  My husband is home.  My laptop is charged.  I guess it's time to blog.

Before I catch up on the week, I thought I'd go out of order and show you what we did today:  jump in leaves.  There's a lot of pictures here (I took over 350 pictures just this morning/early afternoon), so let's just get to it.

This morning I got Piper dressed for church then she ran straight to Xander's room and started playing with the boys.  Instead of getting Paxton dressed, I took a few pictures.

We got home from church and they all wanted to jump in the leaves.  So before we even walked in the door, this happened.

The twins jumped right in after Bubby

Xander would give them a boost as they jumped to launch them deeper into the pile

He also taught them how to throw the leaves

Xander also swung from this vine on our tree next to the leaf pile

Sometimes they got a BIG running go by starting in the neighbor's yard

Lucas had to stay at church for the second service also, so I eventually made them come inside and wait for him before jumping more.  But as soon as he got home, we went back out for more fun.

Daddy likes to pick up leaves and dump them on the kids

He taught Paxton how to dump the leaves too

Daddy then went to grill burgers for lunch, so we went to the back (fenced-in) yard to play.

Lucas trying to teach Paxton to pedal.  I think I spoil them by pushing them around (and them pushing each other around).  The twins refuse to ride their bikes without someone pushing.

We found a Granddaddy Long-Legs

and a solid black Wooly Worm.  I hear this isn't a good sign.

After that, we went in to wash up for burgers.

I love these days.  

Now the twins are napping, Xander and Lucas are outside throwing a football, and I'm going to go do a bunch of nothing until I head back to church to hang out with my youth girls.  I'm not even going to proof-read this post.  (Feel free to point out mistakes.)

I hope your Sunday is equally as beautiful and relaxing.

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