Sunday, November 2, 2014

Naps, Halloween, and a Hiatus

I think we've established that my twins aren't the best nappers.  One day they'll both want to stay up, the next just Piper is wide awake, the next day it's Paxton.  Or no one.  Or both.  You never know.  The day before Halloween they both stayed up and played for about an hour, then I noticed it got calmer, so I looked at the camera and watched this play out:

Piper had fallen asleep (after they re-arranged the room, of course).  Paxton was talking to her, trying to wake her up. 

Talking didn't work, so he got on her bed and pushed her back.

That didn't work either, so he crawled on top of her and talked directly in her ear.

She still slept through that, so he laid beside her and shook her shoulder a little and talked some more.

She slept through all of that, and eventually Paxton gave up and fell asleep too - right beside her in her bed.

They're so stinking cute.

The next day was Halloween and I started it by getting Xander ready.  They can't wear their real costumes to school, but the Kindergartners got to dress as their favorite "Letterland" character.  He chose "Kicking King."

Then I got to take Xander into school and stay for a short ceremony.  I don't know all the correct terms, but basically each month they talk about a new character word - October's was "Responsibility."  Each classroom chooses 2 people who have demonstrated that word with their actions, and Xander was chosen.  Also - every day the teachers in the school will give out "bucks" to the kids who are being good, at random.  The kids then turn them into the office and on Friday morning a few are chosen from the whole school.  Friday, Xander's name got chosen!  He got to pick a prize, and he chose a pointer stick thing.  And he loves it.  Hilarious.

The day got even more fun from there.  After the twins napped (I actually had to wake them up), the kids got in their Halloween costumes and we went trick-or-treating, first at my mom's workplace, then in my parents' and sister's neighborhood (they live a street apart).  Sadly, when I got to my parents' house I realized that my camera needed to be charged, so I only have iPhone pictures.  But they weren't really cooperating with the camera anyway, so it's just as well I suppose.

Piper is a big fan of dressing up.  Especially when being awakened from nap.
This guy was very ninja-like.  He snuck around and hid all night.

Cutest Batman ever.  Even if he refuses to wear the mask.
The best shot of the cousins we could get

Friends came too.  Here's what our crew looked like at the door.

Near the end we'd load up on the golf cart to get from house to house

Now the hiatus.  My husband left this morning (Sunday) for a week-long work trip.  Unfortunately, we only have one power supply between our two laptops, and he had to take it with him.  As I'm posting this, I am at 14%, so I think it's safe to say I won't be on my computer much this week.  So, an impromptu hiatus it is.

I'll still take pictures (after I charge my camera) and catch up when he returns next weekend.  Have a great week!

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