Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November thus far

I haven't posted my pictures for Project 365 since last month thanks to my last-minute hiatus while Lucas was out of town.  So - here we go.

Day 149 - The previously explained double nap

Day 150 - I love this picture.  Batman and Robin succeeded in capturing the black ninja, but clearly did not plan on what to do with him after that.

Day 151 - This day we traveled to our friend's 3rd birthday party.  The twins coveted that cake from the second we stepped into the building.  When it was finally time, they ate their entire cups of ice cream then were too full for cake.

Day 152 - A note that Xander made out of the blue.  In case you can't read it, the translation is:  "I love you  I love you very much  You are my mommy  To mom and dad and my brother and sister"  My favorite part is "brudr"

Day 153 - We went to my sister's house to play and Piper climbed into the baby doll bed.  Oddly, this wasn't the first time this has happened.

Day 154 - Eating cereal and watching "Up."

Day 155 - So Piper's hair is (finally) growing out.  The problem is it's getting in her eyes, but I don't want her to have bangs.  So this day I tried pulling it up a la Pebbles.  I excitedly said, "Piper!  Do you like your hair!?!"  She replied simply, "No."
This is just a bonus from day 155, so you can see that the hair actually looked pretty cute when she wasn't scowling.
Day 156 - The twins love their great-grandparents.  And the feeling is mutual.

Day 157 - After we dropped Xander off at school we went straight to snowy Boone to visit our friends Sawyer and "Baby Scout."  Piper was quite smitten.

Day 158 - Cute little bedhead showing her baby (which used to be my baby) breakfast in the oven

Day 159 - A beautiful day for playing outside
This is another extra from day 159 just because she was so cute at church.  And Paxton is levitating.

Day 160 - Mimi with all her grandkids, playing in the leaves.

I have more pictures from the cousin leaf session tomorrow.  Happy rest of November!

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