Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmassy Things

When I started the Project 365 thing, one of the reasons was to stay on top of organizing my pictures.  My goal was to upload (download?) my pictures each night, go through them, pick one (or 10, plus the "best" one), and write a blog post about our day.  Maybe I'd skip a day every now and then and have to do 2 in one day.


Yeah, that clearly isn't happening.  But I really do still want it to happen, because I know it is not only easier for me, but more interesting for you when I don't have to cram a ton of them together.  So I'm going to try to plan to possibly maybe work on that a little more in the new year.

You don't ever want to put too much pressure on yourself, of course.

But for now, let's catch up.  Again.

Day 181 - We actually took these on Xander's iPod so he would find them and be surprised.  I don't think he has noticed yet.

Day 182 - Piper and Paxton got their new ornaments for this year (Anna and Batman) and put them on the tree all by themselves.  (Also - impressive bedhead by Piper.)

Day 183 - Chatting on the stairs while I put their shoes on

Day 184 - Hat day (and "Rudolph Red" day) at school

Day 185 - We walked to see the Lenoir Christmas Parade and the kids had a blast.  Paxton only got scared once ("Go Mommy's house!  Go Mommy's house!"), Piper only escaped a couple times, and we only had to yell at Xander to put down the sticks about 17 times.  Success.

Day 186 - We went to a local Alpine Village, where they have different "shops" set up (stocking shop, toy store, book store, etc.) and you get to walk around and get a little prize from each place.  The kids loved getting up close and personal with baby Jesus.

Day 187 - Sunday.  This was the only shot I took.  (It's so weird how I never take pictures on Sunday.)

Day 188 - Piper woke up sick, and seemed to get sicker throughout the day.  I have several very pitiful-looking pictures of her from the day, but I chose this one instead.  Bathtime was definitely the best she felt all day, so I let her stay in quite a while.

Day 189 - Lucas went into work late to make sure I got Xander to school before dealing with a sick toddler (and honestly - we were just waiting for Paxton to get sick next.  But he never did!).

Day 190 - Xander got to stay up late and drink hot chocolate.  He chose the Chewbacca mug.

Day 191 - To try to keep him on the potty long enough to "go," I decided we should FaceTime Daddy while he was at work.  Unfortunately, Paxton decided to loudly tell Daddy the body part that pee comes from.  His co-workers were amused. I hope.

There we go.  I'm heading to bed and hopefully it won't be another week before I post again!

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