Saturday, December 13, 2014

Counting Down

It is 12 days until Christmas and we are officially counting down.  Oh, who am I kidding?  We've been counting down since October.  (Yes, really.)  We love Christmas.

Yesterday the Photo of the Day came early.  It was the first picture I took.

Day 192 - Paxton loves this dog so much.  He wakes up and says, "Where Raja?"

My grandparents stopped by to see Xander in the evening because they haven't seen him in about a month.  Then after dinner we went to see the annual luminary display at a local cemetery.  I love this tradition.  It is so much more beautiful and peaceful and impressive in person.  But I still took a picture.

On the way home, we stopped at "the square" in downtown to see more lights.  They have a Santa sleigh there, so of course I had to get a picture.

Yes, they're in pajamas.  We weren't planning on getting out of the car.

They also have a really fun lights/music display set up, and as we were on the sleigh, we heard a Pentatonix version of a Christmas song.  So even though it's one of my least favorite Christmas songs in general, we love Pentatonix, so we got closer and danced around a bit.  (There were other kids there too and that's who you hear in the video.)

Today we started out pretty slow, just hanging around the house.  We watched Home Alone and listened to Christmas music while we played.  Paxton built some spice towers, which he is really good at.

I said, "Paxton!" to get him to look at the camera and he said, "What?!" and put his hand up like this.

When the twins napped, I ran to Walmart (alone!) and it was already chaos.  I texted Lucas and told him it seemed like Christmas Eve with all the people.  And although the two Walmart employees I spoke to were VERY nice, all of the customers seemed to be in a bad mood.  Like you know when someone is blocking the aisle but they don't realize it because they're looking at the shelf so you just wait half a beat and then they make eye contact with you and realize you can't get through and they move and apologize and smile?  That didn't happen.  At all.  People would just look at me, then look back at the shelf like, "Yeah, I'm taking up the aisle.  Deal with it."  It wasn't pleasant.

So to reward myself, and because it was crazy warm today (63 degrees), when the twins woke up we all went outside to play.  Unfortunately my camera's settings were apparently jacked up, so all the pictures look terrible.  But I'm going to show you anyway.

I probably haven't mentioned it, but Xander is all about football now.  He throws to himself, then runs to catch it.  Awesome.  And hilarious.

Piper started pushing the pedals by herself today!  I'm pretty sure Xander was doing this around 18 months, but the twins haven't learned because they just push each other around anyway.

Big ups

In the playhouse

Raja would "steal" his stick then he would chase her, tackle her, get it back, then "accidentally" drop it again

"Piper!  Don't push your brother."

"Who me??"

And my favorite of the day:

Day 193

Hope you're having a fun weekend.  And that you don't have to go to Walmart between now and Christmas.

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