Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Finishing the year

Happy New Year!  I'm typing this at 10:51 so it very well may be next year before I finish, and almost certainly before you read this.  Let me do a quick catch-up on the last week of the year.

The day after Christmas we did a zoo trip, and then very late that night, some out-of-town friends of ours came to stay for the weekend.  Some of our very best friends, actually.  The kids actually call them "uncle" and "aunt," which I love.  I would always see that sort of thing on movies - mostly mob movies, to be honest - but I always thought how cool it would be to have people that were so much like family that your kids didn't even know they weren't blood-related.  And now we do.

But this is supposed to be quick.

So they stayed Saturday and we hung out and got outside a bit because it wasn't gross and gray like every other day since then.  I took a few blurry shots, and, sadly, this is the best one.

Day 207 - Colton takes Xander down!

They also hung out on Sunday, the next day, and we all got to see the Panthers make the playoffs!  I took a couple extra pictures on Sunday, which is really weird!

Day 208 - Sweet pseudo-cousins

As the adults were distracted, the kids found the Milk Bones

Then Monday came, and we started "3-Day" Potty Training.  Now, that is a real method, but I put it in quotation marks because we're not following all of the rules.  You're supposed to actually throw out all diapers and just clean messes - ALL messes - and by the end of the 3 days they're trained.  Boom.  But I wasn't feeling so confident in that, so I kept the diapers.  And the twins are wearing them to bed.  And naptime.  Because I like sleep and I don't want to wake up a dozen times to change sheets.  We don't even have that many sheets.

But I digress.

So Day 1 was Monday.  It went about as I expected.  The gist is that you just put them in underwear and watch them constantly.  When they start to go, you just put them on the potty and say, "This is where we go."  So naturally there will be a lot of messes.  We went through 14 pairs of underwear by nap.  (And did I mention we started this while my washing machine was broken.  I am a crazy woman.)  BUT - Lucas was off work (what a way to use vacation time!) and he was a huge help and we got through it.

Day 209 - Day 1 of potty training!

By the morning of Day 2, things were going better.  We only went through 7 or 8 pairs of underwear by naptime. 

Day 210 - Apparently we're also training minions

Raja has no idea she's in the danger zone
By the evening of Day 2, I felt like we didn't progress very much from the morning.  But still - not too bad.

Today was Day 3.  Are they totally trained?  Um, no.  But we're doing much better!  Paxton especially is seriously figuring this thing out.  And we actually have no plans tomorrow, so we'll get in an extra day of "training" before we venture out anywhere.

In the midst of this potty training and being stranded at the house, I think Xander has gone a little stir crazy.  Or just crazy.  He keeps wanting to do chores.  And hey - fine by me!

The twins also got flying lessons today.  Piper and Lucas are cute here, but I LOVE Paxton in the background doing his interpretive dance.  Or something.  I may have just sat here and laughed at these until I cried.

Oh man.  So funny.

So, I'm honestly too tired to reflect on the year and write any super deep words of wisdom.  But I do know this - any year spent with these knuckleheads is a darn good one.  I'm so thankful for them and our family and friends.  Here's to 2015!

Good night, friends.

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