Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Half of November

Man, November just got away from me.  I remember when I posted a bunch of pictures all at once and called it November Thus Far and thought "Man, it's crazy that I had to combine 1/3 of the month into one post!"  Well, this time it's worse.  It's the last 2/3.

I think I just got busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations.  That totally makes me sound like Martha Stewart, doesn't it?  Like I'm "preparing" a huge 40-person dinner, complete with personalized name cards at every seat?  Yeah, I'm not doing that.  What I mean is - shopping (mostly online, let's be honest), scheduling family stuff between my side and Lucas's side, decorating, and getting our Advent Calendar and Jesse Tree together - which start tonight!  (I'll do a post on the Jesse Tree soon.)

In the past few days, though, mostly decorating (by my husband - outdoor stuff), hanging out with family (a LOT), and nursing a somewhat-sick child.  Xander woke up at 2am on Black Friday with a hurting ear, so we spent a few hours in Urgent Care when they opened.  He had an ear infection, but luckily no sore throat, no fever, nothing else.  He was a bit weepy in the waiting room, but perked up after we got home and he took his first dose of antibiotic - which he actually thinks tastes great.  He felt a little better every day and is at school now.

So - let's catch up with Project 365.  We ended on November 11 (for shame), so there's a lot.

Day 162 - These two just randomly curled up on the couch together with a blanket

Day 163 - In the mornings I usually leave the twins in pajamas and carry them to the van to take Xander to school.  While I was carrying Paxton, this one escaped and jumped in a pile of leaves before I could catch her.

Day 164 - More Piper shenanigans.  She wore these swim suit bottoms as a hat for like 5 days straight.  (And that's Christmas wrapping paper she's running around with.)

Day 165 - We got to play with our friends the Gregorys!

Day 166 - Again with the "hat" - this time winding down before bed

Day 167 - Paxton decided to sleep on the couch with "Baby Ben" this evening.  (Baby Ben was Xander's when he was little - named after a kid in his daycare class.)

Day 168 - Krispy Kreme will give one free glazed doughnut for every "A" on a report card - up to 6.  Xander got all "A"s (really "S"s in Kindergarten), so we got all 6!  He was sweet enough to bring them home and share with his brother and sister too.

Day 169 - The twins were fighting over suckers and I said they could have one, but they had to share.  I guess they wanted to share with Raja too.

Day 170 - A no-nap day.  I heard a crash and went upstairs to find this.  (Those tubs to the right had previously been in that white cubby too.  And they were full.  They toys/blankets in them were laying all over Paxton's bed.)

Day 171 - This makes all that other madness worth it.

Day 172 - I realized I hadn't heard Piper in about 5 minutes so naturally I had a mini-heart attack and started looking for messes.  Instead, I found her in her Bubby's bed, with his book, and his blanket, just "reading" out loud to herself.

Day 173 - "Painting" with water before bed

Day 174 - She was faking, but this really is how Piper sleeps, with a baby beside her in the bed

Day 175 - Brothers playing football.  So sweet.

Day 176 - Picking out a Christmas tree.  A few minutes after this my arms got tired and I put them down.  And they spent the rest of the time bawling to be picked back up while other families looked at me in pity.  Ah, memories.

Day 177 - Thanksgiving!  Annual Bruch cousin Thanksgiving photo

Day 178 - Paxton has recently started following Raja around, hugging and kissing her as much as he can.  It's pretty dang adorable.

Day 179 - Another family Thanksgiving gathering.  This is my teenage cousin Tucker, who spent most of the evening playing with Paxton and Piper, and even wiping Piper's hand when she got chewed up chocolate all over it.  He's great.

Day 180 - The tree had been up for a couple days, but Paxton just realized that he recognized many of the ornaments and he was in awe for several minutes.

Whew.  Now the twins are up from nap, which is good because we have to go pick up Xander.  I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and your Christmas preparations are coming right along.  Until next time!

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