Thursday, December 18, 2014


Tonight the kids were running wild.  And I let them.   (Lucas is away on a work trip.  Although he would have let them as well.)  Xander put on his Captain America costume and they thought it was the best thing ever.  Piper decided to strip down (a new stunt she's been doing) and they ran around and chased each other.  Then Paxton took his shirt off and joined in.  They did this for a good 20 minutes and it was awesome.  Piper and Paxton were giggling and Xander was alternating between laughing and yelling things like, "You little criminals will pay!" or "Come back here, minions!"  It was really fun.

Day 198

When it was time to get ready for bed, Paxton really really wanted to wear his sister's pajamas.  So I let him.  And I took a picture.  And now I'm posting it online.  (Don't kill me, future Pax.)

But I'm going out of order.  Tuesday was a normal day.  The twins snacked on the couch, fed their lunch to an ogre, and played with Xander's Iron Man mask.  Then I had to wake the twins to get Xander from school, and Raja decided to ride along to pick him up.  So I guess by "normal day" what I mean is "normal for us."

Day 196

Wednesday we hung out at home in the morning and Piper put on Xander's hat and just wore it like it was no big deal.

Later we took some selfies and sent them to Lucas (in Texas).

We got a package in the mail and the twins played in the box and got the packing peanuts EVERYwhere.  But it kept them entertained for about 20 minutes.  Worth it.

Day 197

In the evening we went to my parents' house and when I was changing the twins I tried to get Piper to wear a headband.  Her hair is long enough to hang in her eyes now, but she won't keep any clips or anything in.  And I don't want to cut it, or it will be bangs, you know?  Suggestions welcome.  This headband lasted about 4 seconds.

To end the day, me and Xander watched the Survivor season finale.  This was the first season he's watched the show and he really got into it.  He would build his own challenges and want me to do the play-by-plays like Jeff Probst.  He wants to go on the show when he's older.  What will be the hardest part?  "Only eating rice."

So I let him stay up super late (after 10:00) to watch and see who won.  This kid never sits still - even while watching TV he's walking around or wiggling on the floor or something.  But by the end, well, you could tell he was up past his bedtime.

And speaking of bedtime, I've got to get this boy ready for bed.  Have a good last week before Christmas!

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