Saturday, December 20, 2014

Out of school

Xander is officially on Christmas break.  I picked him up from school at 11:30 on Friday and he was free for 16 days.  To celebrate, we got McDonald's for lunch then made brownies while the twins "napped."  I brought it to him with ice cream on top, which he has never had before.  He was pretty excited.

Day 199 - Out of school!

Then we hung out and did normal stuff like sitting on our dog and making the ice tray her hat.  I was looking at Paxton while I took this picture and when I looked back at it and saw Raja's face I just busted out laughing.  Poor girl.  She puts up with a lot.

My mom stopped by to see the kids when she got off work and Xander wanted to go outside and wait on her (while playing football with himself).  He put on a shirt and his big coat, but kept the basketball shorts.  It cracked me up.

After an unsuccessful dinner, the twins took a bath, which they usually really like.  And they did last night too.

For this one, I just said, "Hey guys - did you know Christmas is next week!?"  Piper was excited.  Paxton was in shock.

This morning we kicked off Day 1 of Christmas break with a little mommy/son date to Waffle House for breakfast, bright and early.  (On Friday I had to wake him at 7:30 to get ready for school.  Saturday?  He's in my room at 6:15, ready to go.)

After Waffle House, I needed a couple things so we ran by Walmart.  Xander decided he wanted to pick out presents for Piper, Paxton, and Daddy.  He was so cute, going down each aisle, looking at everything, deciding what his siblings would like.  (You should have seen him inspecting all the baby dolls.)  Then he picked something for his Daddy that was a little pricey for an "extra" gift - since I'm really finished shopping.  But he insisted.  He knew exactly what he wanted to get and said he wanted to spend his own money.  At first I almost tried to talk him out of it, but then I realized - I don't want to squash his generosity and willingness to give.  So I said okay.  We got the gifts and he came home and wrapped them all by himself.  I love this kid.

Oh, and it's Saturday, and Lucas is home, so of course the twins napped.  Piper napped so long that I had to go wake her so she'd actually sleep tonight.  And she was sweet as sugar when she got up.  She laid on my lap and ate a few Cheez-It's and just looked up at me like this for the longest time.

Then Daddy decided to make a fort out of the entire living room.  It was pretty dang cool.  There were tunnels and passageways and only 2 exits.  Xander even made challenges, complete with "opticals" (obstacles).  They had a blast.

Day 200 - Epic Fort Time

I'd say we're starting off Christmas break right. 

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