Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"3-Day" Potty Traning: An Update

So we're on Day 9 of our "3-day" potty training adventure.  It's going fairly well, I have to say.  If we're home.  We've had a couple events at family members' houses, and we have many more accidents when we're not home.  I think a lot of it is the urgency of it.  Like the other night, Paxton was in a room playing with the other kids.  I was in the kitchen talking.  He ran to the kitchen door and said, "Mommy!  Pee pee!" but by that point it was already happening.  If he had been home, he would have just run straight to the bathroom and been fine.  But he wanted me to help.  We'll get there.

We haven't done much besides the potty training, so there aren't a lot of exciting pictures to share.  But here's what I've got so far this year.

Day 212 - Still in the thick of potty training.  Lots of laundry to do.

Day 213 - Paxton really likes My Little Ponies (like his sister), and this night he was just way too cute playing with them before bed.

Day 214 - Extra special prize for going potty - ice cream!

Day 215 - This past Sunday we got together with Lucas's family to celebrate Christmas.  Xander said his favorite part was "the food and the playing"

Day 216 - Xander tried spraying his sister and brother with the silly string, but they weren't big fans.  He, however, likes getting sprayed even better than attacking them.  And I like spraying.  Win-win.

Glory be, I think the twins have actually fallen asleep.  Of course, we only have half an hour before we have to go pick up Bubby from school, but I'll take it!  Have a good afternoon!

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