Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Couch! and other stuff

So, let's recap the week.  Cold.

That about does it.

Now here's a few pictures.

Day 217 - Before it got bitterly cold, we went with Grandy (Lucas's mom) to feed some geese that live near her house.  Xander liked it, but Paxton loved it.  He didn't want to leave.  (Piper liked the "ducks" but she was freezing.)
Day 218 - Have I mentioned our oven was broken for about a week?  (Lucas fixed it yesterday.)  Dinners got creative this week - all crock pots and stove tops.  Eggs and bacon this night.  Couldn't have done it without these helpers.
Day 219 - This girl has got it DOWN.  She's woken up dry 4 days in a row and I can't remember her last accident.
Day 220 - I got to have lunch with Xander this day, but didn't take any pictures.  So a regular, everyday bath night will do.

Now - for Saturday.  I was already excited about Saturday because we had a date night planned (first one in 5 months!), but then we got a couch!  I'll back up a bit.

We got a couch when we got married.  Before we got married, actually.  So it's about 11 years old.  And it had seen better days.  I loved that each cushion on the couch had a cover that could be washed, but buddy - we've washed those things.  A lot.  So much that out of the 7 covers, the zippers on 5 of them were broken.  And it was just lumpy.

I mean, I guess it doesn't help that the kids jump all over it, huh?

But Friday Lucas was home sick with a cold, so I went to picked up Xander from school by myself (without the twins) and we decided to stop by the Habitat ReStore by our house and just have a look.  And there was a leather couch exactly like we've always wanted for super crazy cheap (like 90% off retail).  It has a recliner on each side, but one of them was broken.  But we didn't care.  Saturday we bought it.  AND when our friend came to help Lucas bring it into the house, he and Lucas took the thing apart and fixed it!  So now we have a perfectly lovely and working couch that we got for a steal.  I'm so excited about it.

Day 221 - Enjoying the new couch

The part for our oven also came in, so Lucas went ahead and continued his fixing streak and fixed the oven.  THEN we went on a date!  Yeah, for real!  I took zero pictures of the date because I barely picked up my phone.  (Just two or three times to make sure my parents - who were watching the kids - hadn't called.)  What a great day!  I can't stop using exclamation points!


And today's picture - after church we went to my parents' house and my mom gave Xander a mug with a slip of paper inside it that you can color.  He was thrilled.  In fact, tonight I asked him what his favorite part of today was, he said that mug.  As soon as we got home he went to his room to color it.  About 20 minutes later, he came out of his room, all casual-like and drinking from his new mug.  So cute.

Day 222 - "#1 Sports Fan" mug.  So fancy.

That about does it.  Have a great week, friends!

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