Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stuff to be thankful for

I was originally going to title this "Sick," because that's a good summary of the past week.  I didn't mention it on here, but Pax had a fever/low appetite for a few days, but then he got better.  But a day later Piper started running a fever.  It hit her harder, and by the time her fever went away, she was left with terrible congestion.  Then I got the congestion and fever.  And I still have it.  I just sneezed 14 times in a row.  For real.  I counted.

And my husband has been out of town all week.

But as I was thinking through writing all of this out and then looking through pictures from the last few days, I could only focus on good things.  Like these sweet little toddlers that want to curl up in my lap when they're sick.  Mine.  It's crazy.

And a big kid who can act up at times, but then realizes that I'm not feeling well and helps get his brother and sister settled down for bed and even reads them a story. 

And a grandfather who adores his great-grandkids and comes and takes Xander out for a few hours - just the two of them - to play arcade games then get ice cream.

And a good friend who offers to take Xander to school anytime I need/want her to.  And me actually feeling comfortable enough to text said friend and take her up on the offer (I'm not so good at asking for help) because I'm just sick and tired and I don't feel like waking up the twins and dragging them out that morning.

And a mother-in-law who buys dinner for my whole family so I don't have to cook.  And a mother who goes and gets that dinner and brings it to us, even though she had other plans for the evening (which she didn't mention when she asked if I needed anything).

It makes my congestion and headache feel a little better when I think about these things instead, you know?

I haven't done a ton of picture-taking other than snapping phone pics of my half-naked kids, but here's what we've got.

My kids are normal

Day 231 - Totally normal

We went to visit my grandparents and Paxton just climbed up in Xander's lap and Xander just held him like that.  They're getting very brothery lately.  Like little pals. 

Piper still wasn't feeling great yesterday morning, so they got some extra phone time.  And a blanket.  And Piper rubbed it and said, "mmmmm. . . so nice!"

Day 232 - They're getting pretty good at puzzles.  Well, not Raja.  She's good at waiting for them to drop food.

Piper and I felt the same yesterday afternoon.  About like this.  (And I was dressed worse than her, if you can believe it.)

Paxton, meanwhile, was trying to throw his shoe out of the window.  He's been quite the mischief maker lately.  Probably all of that time spent hanging out with Xander.

We watched Big Hero 6 over the weekend and he loved it.  This is his "Big Hero 6 costume"
Love these faces.  And this girl.

And finally Day 233 - pretending to sleep in Piper's bed.  We may need to get Paxton some acting lessons.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the new look of the blog. . . yeah, that's my fault.  I was just seeing how difficult it was to figure out how to change all this stuff (header, side pictures, background, font, etc.) and I thought I was doing a "test run."  Yeah, I wasn't.  I changed it.  And I can't get the old one back.  So until I get really good at blog design or figure something else out, it may be changing a bit from time to time as I practice.  Oh, and the "Meet Megan" thing over there doesn't link up to anywhere now.  I can't figure out how to do that.

But for now, I'm going to bed.  Thanks for reading, friends!

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