Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting There

I am both "getting there" in catching up on my Project 365 and in getting well from being sick.

This sickness was really annoying, y'all.  I wasn't like crazy, feeling-like-I'm-dying kind of sick, but I still felt pretty bad.  Not quite bad enough to warrant a trip to Urgent Care, though.  (I'm kind of stubborn about the doctor, though.  If my kids had my symptoms, we would have been there in a flash.)
But I'm feeling a little better.  Yesterday afternoon I could start to walk around a bit, and even upstairs once or twice, without feeling like I was going to black out.  That's good, I think.

So you'd think that with all this time of being in the house and doing a lot of sitting I'd be blogging every day.  Well, no.  Because I still have 3 kids, and the 2 I have during the daytime are a tad clingy, and a touch curious, and I can't really get out my laptop without being pestered to death.  It's something I'm trying to work on, because I do know that they are old enough now to understand that they need to give me 10 minutes.  And I do also realize this is totally my doing, because I allow them to pester me and get what they want.  So.  Slowly I'm doing things like eating in front of them, getting out my laptop, etc. and making them leave me alone for a few minutes.  That sounds awfully harsh, but trust me - it's good.

All that to say - I've gotten behind in blogging.  So here are the pictures from the end of January.  I'll try to sort February this weekend and by next week maybe I'll be back in this thing.

Day 234 - Getting excited about Daddy coming home from his trip

Day 235 - Looking for something under the TV stand.  (Also - who would have thought I'd ever have a picture off all 3 of y kids where Xander was the most clothed?)

Day 236 - Finally getting outside to play.  It was still a bit chilly, but worth it.

Day 237 - He gets ready for school all by himself, then plays games while he waits on me.  Sweet kid.

Day 238 - We were giving ice cream as an incentive for going "#2" in the potty (sorry for TMI).  I think at this point they've got it down and don't need incentives.  But I still say yes sometimes.  Especially when he's wearing Daddy's hat.  Cutie.

Day 239 - More playing outside!

Day 240 - We were getting rid of this old mattress because we got a newer one for Xander's top bunk.  But before we threw it out, we had dance parties.  And wrestling matches.  And picnics in the living room.  It was pretty fun.  If not weird.

Day 241 - This area used to have their changing table, but we turned it back into our "cafe" when they got potty trained.  They love it.

Day 242 - More free donuts for a good report card thanks to Krispy Kreme!

Hope you've all had a good week.  I'm looking SO forward to feeling better by next week because I see some 60s in the forecast!  (Not this morning, though.  It's 12 degrees out there.  Brrrrr.)

Have a fun weekend!

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