Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days

All winter Xander has been wanting snow.  Last week he got a few days off school for "snow," but it was mostly ice, so he was bummed.  But today - we have snow.  About 5-6 inches of it, which is pretty good for around here.  Needless to say, he was out of school.  And my mom (Mimi) is a county employee and county offices were closed, too, so she got to bring her sleds and come play.  (And that meant I got to take pictures.)

Xander liked pulling them.  So sweet.

Paxton wanted off, so Mimi told Piper she'd take her by herself and she could lie down.  For some reason she put her arms up like this and wouldn't put them down, even after we told her several times that she could.

See the arms?  Hilarious.

He crushed a big snowball and it got in his face.

While Xander and Piper tried the sleds, Paxton went and made "snow cream" in his house

Paxton eating his "snow cream" and Piper at halftime a la Ace Ventura.  (She stayed like this for a few minutes.  I started to get worried but then saw she was sucking on snow.)

Belly flop!

Oh man, so Piper had her head turned and Mimi wanted to wipe her nose and kept saying, "Piper, look at me.  Piper, look at me.  Look at me.  Piper.  Piper, look at me."  Finally Piper turned her head and looked at her.  Like this.  I died.

Snowman building

The hereditary concentration tongue

Paxton loved the snowman.  I asked if his name was Olaf and he said, "No, Elsa!"

Thanks Mimi, for helping us have a fun snow day!

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  1. The pleasure was all mine. I had a wonderful time and your pictures are awesome. I am so proud of you