Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March!

I don't hate winter.  I really try not to "hate" very much at all, with a few exceptions (the Governor from The Walking Dead comes to mind.  HATE that character).  But what I was saying was - I don't hate winter.  But I'm tired of it.  I'm happily welcoming March.

So let's say goodbye to February by wrapping up the Project 365 for that month.

Day 264 - Xander's really sweet to let them smother him while he plays

Day 265 - We were out this Monday and it was getting close to time to pick up Xander, so we swung by Sonic for happy hour slushies and got in the car rider line early.

Day 266 - Lucas snapped this on his phone as I was making breakfast with my little helper.  Well, one of them.  I love it.

Day 267 - It wasn't even that cold, but Paxton insisted on wearing this hat to (and in) the store.

Day 268 - Snow Day!

Day 269 - Dinner with friends.  Paxton loved their kitty, Raisin.  Most kitties run from him (and this one did too, part of the time), so he was in heaven with it on his lap.

Day 270 - We had a work-on-the-house day, and Xander decided to teach Paxton how to clean the windows.

There we go!  See ya, February.  March, let's do this.  Bring on the sunshine!

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