Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Continuing Project 365 - Days 291-300

Just about a week left to catch up on this project then I'll have to blog about normal days.  Good thing I don't have to today because I spent the day cleaning and re-cleaning (thanks, twins) for a showing this evening.  (Side note:  Yep, our house is still on the market.  26 months strong.)  Pretty boring.  Well, until we spent the showing time hanging out at my brother's house and Piper kept picking up his chickens.  That was pretty hilarious.  She's not scared of anything.  Including my wrath.  But that's another post.

So on a good note, though - tonight marks the half-way point in Lucas's most recent 9-day trip to Alaska.  He keeps sending me selfies with amazing mountain landscape backgrounds and I respond with selfies with twins making messes in the background.  He's totally jealous.

But I have to put the oldest to bed, so let's get to the pictures.

Day 291 - The kids (and Raja) took a break from playing in the sprinkler to come in and watch a movie.  Xander got outvoted (he didn't want to watch Tangled), but he still sat with his sissy to watch.
Day 292 - Ready for church, looking pretty cute.
Day 293 - Daddy snuck a picture of Xander snuggling up before bed.  Xander would have never allowed this to happen had he seen the camera. 

Day 294 - Oh, this day.  We were playing in the backyard with our neighbor when it was time to get Xander from school.  I had opened the doors to the van (because it was a warm day) and held the gate open for everyone to get through.  The twins ran through first, then my neighbor came about 15 seconds later.  In that time, they locked themselves in the van.  With the keys in it.  AND managed to push some safety feature where you can't click the button and open the doors.  So the police came and eventually had to smash a window while another officer picked up a scared Xander from school.  Whew.  Quite an afternoon.
Day 295 - A few of Xander's fans at his soccer game.  My grandmother, Pax, my mom, and Piper
Day 296 - Xander had a dentist appointment for a filling, so I took advantage of the one-on-one time and took him to the park too.  But he'd rather hang out with this lady, apparently.  (He struck this pose and asked me to take a picture.)

Day 297 - Just cute.  Watching birds after breakfast, still with bedhead and everything.

Day 298 - More cuteness.  Playing together without pulling hair or tears.  It does happen sometimes.

Day 299 - We had dyed eggs at a friend's house and Lucas was teaching them how to eat them.  I don't think anyone was very impressed.

Day 300 - Woody and Jessie needed breakfast, too.  Obviously.

Okay, let's put this sleepy guy to bed.  Thanks for checking in!

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