Monday, July 27, 2015

Maybe coming back?

Oh hey!  It's me!  I'm here.

I've quit blogging for the past few months because I really don't love doing it.  The actual sitting down and putting it together part, anyway.  But the other day I pulled up the blog and read over a little bit and I realized I really like looking back at it.  And, honestly, since I've quit I've barely picked up my camera.  (My camera phone, always.)  And I miss having pictures of the kids.  I mean - obviously I have thousands of pictures of my kids - but I like that.  I love looking back and remembering a specific day or even time.  They'll go through phases that you think you'll never forget, but then you do.  My pictures remind me.

And so does the blog.

So.  Here I am.  And I decided to go ahead and finish out the Project 365 and then I'll start blogging quasi-regularly after that.

I stopped on Day 270 (which was the end of February), so I'll pick up there and do 10 a day until we finish out.  Here we go.

Day 271 - Totally normal children (also Paxton got pink eye this day)
Day 272 - I love that we can play outside almost year-round here.  This was March 2 and it was warm enough for some trampoline fun. 

Day 273 - Piper thought she was pretty funny wearing my shoes

Day 274 - I ran downstairs to do laundry and came back to this.  No joke - they are crazy fast.  It took me 5 times as long to clean it up as it did for them to create this mess.

Day 275 - Paxton "reading" to himself before bed.  He likes books and will either memorize the gist of it, or look at the pictures and make up his own story.
Day 276 - Pillow fight!!!
Day 277 - Another pretty day; we played and did some spring cleaning outside.  Piper soaked up some rays.

Day 278 - Piper's shiner.  She fell off of Xander's top bunk, but barely cried (or cared).  The ER is totally in our future.

Day 279 - The warmth left us with some cold rain, so of course we got giant ice cream cones.  I mean, that's logical, right?

Day 280 - This kid.  This dog.  He ADORES her and I'm fairly certain she just puts up with him.  But it's still really super sweet.  Raja is such a good girl.

Alright alright alright.  Back at it.  That wasn't so bad.  I'll see you again tomorrow with the next 10.

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