Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Still here - Project 365 wrap up

Let's continue the wrap-up of my Project 365 with the next 10.  (These were taken mid-March.)

Day 281 - Xander was trying to earn extra check marks on his chart, but I told him helping people is sometimes it's own reward, and he can't get a check mark every single time he lends a hand.  He agreed, but let me know it was SUPER difficult carrying the clean laundry upstairs for me.

Day 282 - Mirror selfies after bath.  That tiny nose, the black eye, and the hood - oddest combination of total cuteness ever, but good grief look at her! 

Day 283 - We went by Uncle Daniel's (my brother's) house to see his new baby chicks.  While we were there, Piper climbed up in his lap and made herself cozy.
Day 284 - Sometimes Xander wants to play with the twins' toys.  And sometimes they oblige, and even help.
Day 285 - I went to a Mexican-themed baby shower for one of my best friends, and this was the cake.  How stinking cute is that?

Day 286 - Play date with our buddy Evan.  The twins love going to his house to play.

Day 287 - I thought it was super cute how Xander was watching how Lucas sopped up the gravy and did it himself.

Day 288 - Oh, little hippie girl.  We were playing outside (clothed) and I ran in to check on dinner.  I spotted this little streaker through the window.

Day 289 - Piper is usually playing with super heroes or fighting with her brothers or running around naked, so it was rare to see her doing some calm playing with her stuffed animals.

Day 290 - Daddy comes home and wrestles. And sometimes takes selfies of him and the kiddos.
Thanks for coming back!  I'll be here again tomorrow!  (I mean, probably.  No promises.)

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