Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ice cream, park, and wrapping up Project 365

Today my friend Kaitlyn came to hang out with us and we decided this 97-degree day was a perfect day to go to Blowing Rock (which is always at least 10 degrees cooler) and get some ice cream and play at the park.  So we did.

We got to Kilwin's to get ice cream and the kids pondered over every choice for quite a while.  Xander chose Superman, so did Piper, but Paxton said "chocolate."  Paxton isn't a huge fan of chocolate ice cream so I thought this was an odd choice, but got it anyway.  When I tried to hand it to him, he cried.  Apparently he wanted a $0.40 piece of chocolate instead of an ice cream cone.  So we ended up with one cone too many.  But not to worry. . .

Piper handled the situation.

After we ate ice cream (I'm not a huge fan of ice cream but they already had PUMPKIN out so of course I had to get some), we played in the park.  And everyone wished they were at the beach and decided to get buried in the sand.

Xander buried Piper

Kaitlyn buried Pax
It was a pretty fun afternoon.

And now for the end of my Project 365!  Which should have ended 2 months ago, but who's counting?

Day 351 - Xander got on a kick where he wanted to be an author and illustrator.  I'm sad to say he's not churning out a book a day anymore because they were fantastic.  I hope he'll get back to it again.

Day 352 - We went to have lunch with Lucas and I stopped for a second to take in the view on the way home.

Day 353 - Waking up and reading some books to each other

Day 354 - Xander got some model rockets for Christmas but we had to wait until it got warmer to set them off.  This evening Lucas and Xander worked on putting them together.

Day 355 - My brother took Xander fishing!  With the exception of a few snafus, he had a really good time.  And I loved getting the pictures like this one from my sis-in-law.

Day 356 - Paxton got a haircut.  This was also Memorial Day and we had a great time at Grandpa Ted's house playing in the creek and eating (and shooting rockets).  But the hair cut was the biggest deal (to me anyway) that day.  He's super cute with the big boy cut, but I sure do miss that beautiful hair.

Day 357 - I love Piper.  I love that she chose this outfit.  I love that she can entertain herself by splashing in a tiny puddle (on the back of the basketball goal) for 20 minutes.  She's awesome.

Day 358 - Girl's got some air, too.

Day 359 - Paxton's Wild Animal Bathing Services now open.  (There's a giraffe submerged under those bubbles.)

Day 360 - We noticed a slight rash on Xander the night before and this morning it was a tad worse, so we took him to the doctor.  They said it was probably a mild reaction to something and to give him Benadryl.
Day 361 - This is how he woke up the next day.  We went back to the doctor immediately and got steroids this time.  He kept saying "Don't look at me!  I'm a monster!"  Poor kid.
Day 362 - We had a very small get-together for the twins' birthday in one of our favorite places - Grandpa Ted's house in Boone.  It was a really lovely day and we all had a blast.
Day 363 - Pax and Raja, just hanging out on the couch.  He loves her so stinking much.

Day 364 - My little rebel.  We were at the house of relatives when I noticed I hadn't heard Piper for a few minutes.  I walk around the corner of the house and see this.

Day 365 - Paxton and Piper turn 3!
Ahhhh!  Made it.  I may have cheated in the end there, but I did it! 

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