Saturday, August 1, 2015

Project 365 catch-up. Still.

We had a really fun Saturday today.  Even though it started way too early for me at 5:45, waking to Mike Wazowski saying, "Hey!  Watch the eye!"  I guess very few people have to wake up to the sound of Billy Crystal's voice, but let me tell you - it's not very pleasant.

So I hear Mike Wazowski, coming from the monitor (coming from a stuffed monster that talks) and then I wait. . . Yep, Paxton's crying.  So I comfort him and he goes back to sleep.  But I couldn't.  For the first time in 3 years I could not go back to sleep.  Very frustrating.

But I got up, cleaned a bit, ate something, then Xander got up.  Then the twins.  Then we all got dressed, picked up my mom, and went shopping for a bit.  We weren't really on a big mission to find anything specific besides a pencil box for Xander for school (we got it), but I did score an outfit - tunic and leggings - for Piper for $0.13.  Not thrift store.  Just good shopping.

Then we came home and ate lunch and hung out a little while, then went to a friend's house.  Well, the house of many friends.  It's actually our youth leader's house and there was a meeting for the small group leaders (I lead the high school girls), but since Lucas is still gone I brought the kids too.  They have a boy who is just 5 months older than Xander and they played hard.  They had so much fun.  And they have 3 girls who are older than that, and they watched and played with the twins.  And they have a kitten, so there's an hour of entertainment right there.

So all that to say - great day, but I'm so tired.  I came home, did a super quick bath and bedtime for the twins, and it was already 9:00.  So I'm going to throw some pictures up here then me and Xander are heading to bed too.  Here we go.

Day 321 - This girl. 

Day 322 - Soccer games!  Xander rocked at soccer this year.  He was really aggressive and scored a bunch of goals.  And we know a lot of players on all of the teams, so it was really fun to watch.

Day 323 - This guy.

Day 324 - Just hanging out on the trampoline, peeling apart "helicopters."  (I have no idea what those are actually called, but that's what we've always called them.
Day 325 - Funny picture, but they wouldn't sit still for a good one.  We rarely go out to eat, but this day we met Mimi for lunch because a) she's always up for a chance to see grandkids and b) I'm always up for a chance to eat pizza.
Day 326 - I co-threw a baby shower for the lovely friend in the middle there.  (My lovely co-host is on the left.)  She is the mama of the twins' good buddy Evan and now to another sweet boy, Salem.

Day 327 - My cousin Chase got married to this pretty gal and we celebrated with a crazy-long edition of The Newlywed Game (in which they beat us in Round 428) and with food, family, and mustaches.

Day 328 - Field trip day!  Xander and 3 others got chosen to stand in front and close their eyes, and they put a snake around all their shoulders.  Everyone else bolted, but Xander loved it!

Day 329 - Last day of soccer for the season.  This was his team - the Teal Flames (yeah, I don't know).  I love these kids and the way the boys have their arms.

Day 320 - Me and Paxton had a trip to Walmart - just the 2 of us.  Among the impulse buys were a roll of fun wrapping paper for me and some mini cookies for him.

Bed tiiiiiiiiiiime!  Peace out, homies.

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