Friday, September 4, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James (and special guest Paxton Amos)

Well hey!  I'm sure if any of you caught the few posts I did a month or so ago - my "comeback" - then came back to check since then, you thought I quit again.  Well, I did, sort of, but because my laptop died.  It turns out, just the light behind the monitor died so I can't see anything, but the brains of it are still okay.  So my husband hooked it up so somehow I'm looking at a big screen, but typing on my laptop and accessing all of the information stored there.  I'm sure this is very easy and a "duh" solution for many of you, but I was really impressed.

So it's slightly more inconvenient to get on the computer now, but I'll try to start blogging again.

I've been saving up Xander quotes for a while now, so this one is pretty long.  I really wish I could write down everything funny he says - because there's a LOT.  This is just the tip of the iceburg that is living with Xander.  So we'll get to it - but first let's start with little brother Paxton, who is becoming quite entertaining as well.

This happened one evening when my mom (Mimi) took Xander (Bubby) to a football game and Paxton didn't want him to leave.  "I need anudder Bubby!  And Mimi not take my two Bubbys!  One Bubby stay with me!"

So cute.  And now for the star of these posts:

Xander (while balancing a ball on his hand):  Is this good exercise?
Me:  Well, it will help your hand/eye coordination, but it's not really exercise for your muscles.
Xander:  Oh, that's still good.  My eyes need good cords.

"Do you want to know what my 2 goals of life are at the moment?  One:  Stay alive.  Two:  Become an Eagle Scout like Tucker."  (Note:  Tucker is his teenage cousin.  Xander pretty much thinks Tucker and his brother Finn hung the moon.)

"How big am I to God?  I bet I'm the size of a heaven's raindrop."

(Talking about boys and girls with the twins.)
Me:  So is Mommy a boy or a girl?
Xander:  This one is tricky, because she's kind of like a boy.  She likes action figures and superheroes and stuff.

(He had to go to the doctor; the night before we were talking about what to expect) "Will I have to get an x-ray?  Because I'll tell you right now - I have clovers in my belly.  Seriously.  Purple clovers.  If I see them, I eat them.  Can't help it."    

"So. . . songs are just like stories.  With cool music.  And sometimes yelling."

(Trying to get him to sleep - I told him to close his eyes and just think about something.)  "Okay, I close my eyes and see - people laying on the beach. . . a bunch of squares strung together. . . Subway Surfer. . . Drew. . . a man I have seen but I don't know his name. . . a bunch of spiderwebs. . . a man waking up - he's laying next to his wife. . . hot air balloons. . . "  At this point I cut him off and said to pick one and go with that.

"I wonder what my talent is.  Like my big one.  It's either singing, dancing, or sword fighting.  Hey Mommy?  Does sword fighting speak to you?"
"It doesn't?!!  Then I bet it's my special talent!  It speaks to me!"

(Again, trying to get him to think of something and go to sleep)
Me:  Think about driving a car!  Yeah - pretend you're driving.  Think about what you would do, where you would go. . .
Xander:  Where I would go is to prison!  Six-year-olds can't drive cars!

"Paxton!  Don't fight with Piper!  She's your sister!  You should be her hero!"

He was the ring bearer in our buddy's wedding.  He was so proud to be standing with him on his big day.
Living with Xander has always been a joy.  The kid does not stop talking, but most of the time it is rather entertaining.  I love to hear how his big brain works.

Time to put him to bed now - he has his first (scrimmage) football game in the morning so he needs to rest up!  Thanks for coming back and have a great Labor Day weekend!

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