Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day weekend

I had every intention of writing this post on Tuesday, which was also my mom's birthday, but Paxton woke up sick so all my plans for that day were pushed aside.  Then I got a pretty terrible head cold and I just haven't felt like doing anything I don't absolutely have to do.

But - tomorrow is Xander's birthday party so I wanted to talk about the Labor Day weekend before we get to that.  So - here we go.

Last Saturday Xander had his first (scrimmage) football game.  It was so fun and he loved it.  He's been really paying attention in practice and during last night's practice he got two tackles and a fumble recovery!  I love it.  Can't wait for the game tomorrow morning.

After the game my mom took Xander to Toys R Us and I tagged along and made them go in a few other stores as well.  Xander got so bored he turned into a mannequin.

Sunday morning we went to church.  Piper didn't want to take a picture beforehand.

Then after church we went to Price Park off the parkway and had a cook-out for my mom's birthday. The kids splashed in the creek (and one of mine may have relieved himself in the creek), and we ate and laughed and practiced football moves and traded Shopkins.

Our Raja came along

Mimi and her grandkids

After lunch we went for a "hike," which was really a walk.

No one knows where they're going.  Well, Piper does.  They were supposed to be heading to the left.

My brother, Daniel, and his wife, Caitlin, who repeatedly grabbed plants to tickle our ears with when we weren't looking.

We took Raja too, so I forced everyone to stop for a family picture.

Best we could do.  Yes, really.

I'm not sure if you know this about Paxton, but he's my straggler.  Always the last to the car.  Always behind.  He just takes his time and looks around as he walks and stops to check things out.  And on the hike, he kept stopping and asking me to take his picture.  To which I obliged, of course.  But this method put us very far behind everyone else.

So eventually Lucas and I decided to take the twins back and let everyone else continue the hike without us.  They went an extra mile or so and we only made it back to camp about 2 minutes before them.  Because toddlers.

Piper found a mushroom and let Paxton touch it.

Piper's happy place

She wanted to climb this tree and get her picture made, so then Pax had to do it too.

But he was a tad scared.

In her own little world, as usual

We had a blast, and almost everyone was worn out for the ride home.  (Paxton had fallen asleep on the way there so he had a bit more energy.)

The next day was Labor Day and we hung out at home for the morning, then went to some friends' house for food and hanging out.  They have a boy who is a couple months older than the twins and a girl who is the exact same age as Xander.  Seriously - they were born on the same day.  (Although they've figured out that Xander is a few hours older.)

It was difficult to get a picture of Xander because he didn't stop moving.

Paxton found his buddy Jak's hat and wore it for quite a while.  Pretty sure he even tried to keep it when we left.

I told the kids to line up and jump.  At least we tried.

And of course Lucas has to get in a toddler toss or two.

It was a really fun weekend.  Now I'm heading to bed before football and birthday party tomorrow!  Happy weekend to you!

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