Thursday, September 17, 2015

Xander is 7

My Xander is 7 years old today.  That seems like such a big kid.  He knows it's bittersweet for me and last night after I had put him to bed, he got back up and said, "Well, this is the last time you'll see your 6-year-old.  Better take a picture."  So I did.

This morning he said, "Here's your first look at your 7-year-old."  Then he opened a couple presents and got ready for school.

We went to school to have lunch with him, and it was Papa John's day (where his cafeteria has Papa John's pizza as the meal).  It's his favorite lunch day at school, so that was cool.

Lucas had to work this evening (his second job), so he picked Xander up a tad early so we could both see him open his last gift, and I'm very glad we did.  He was super excited and squeezed us both so tightly.  It was awesome to see him so giddy.

After that, my sister and her kids dropped by to tell Xander happy birthday.  Then my mom came because we were going to dinner to celebrate.  My niece and nephew really wanted to come eat too, so we brought them along.  And Xander loved it.  He even shared his birthday dessert with everyone.  Okay, mostly Paxton.

Earlier in the day I continued the tradition of his tree.  We planted it for his very first birthday and I take his picture with it every year.  They just keep growing and growing.

Another fun fact is that when we adopted Raja the vet estimated she was "around 3," and Xander had just had his third birthday, so we said they have the same birthday.  So she got some extra bones for her 7th birthday today as well.

Xander's first birthday, and today, 6 years later.

Xander is my Wonder Kid for sure.  He's scary smart and feels deeply.  He's funny and likes being known as funny.  He's sweet and generous.  He pays attention and tries his best.  He doesn't like to lose or fail in any capacity.  He's always talking and asking questions, which is both amazing and, at times, annoying.  He loves his brother and sister and is good with them.  He thinks of others.  He's kind and tough and confident and stubborn.  I love him so much.

Hope you had the happiest of birthdays, Xander.  You deserve it!

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