Friday, June 3, 2016

Paxton and Piper are 4!

My twins turned 4 today.

Clearly this is the year of the fake smile

The birthday party will be tomorrow, so I'll get some pictures then, too.  (Also - you like how I just ignore the fact that I haven't put up a post in 9 months?  I'll get to that another time.)  But I wanted to write this today first and just focus on them and their personalities a bit.

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Paxton Amos Bruch.  Mr. Emotions.  He's sweet and cuddly and sensitive.  He remembers details - like how he obtained the tiny yarn Batman figure nearly 2 years ago.  ("You can't have that, sissy!  Mommy bought it for me with her coins in the machine at Food Lion!  It's precious to me!") 

Crying because a cartoon dog looked sad

I say he has a poet's soul.  He notices when leaves are turning and pauses to shut his eyes and feel warm breezes and listens to the birds singing.  He really feels

But this also means he has a quick fuse.  He can get mad at Piper in half a second.  He gets over things quickly, though, so they're back to playing another second after that.  He adores his big brother and "his" dog, Raja. 

He still has his Dream Blankie that he sleeps with every night.  And actually, he now has Dream Blankie Part Deux because we washed the original so much it turned to strings. 

He's got the sweet tooth and came up with a "candy face" where he smiles sweetly to get people to give him candy.  He always wants to be outside and would swing for hours, while I push him and we chat. 

He's smart and talkative and I think pretty soon he'll give Xander a run for his money on the "Deep Thoughts."  (Example:  A few months ago I made a new recipe.  As we sat down and took a few bites, I said, "What do you think, Pax?"  He replied, "Well.  I don't love it.") 

He's gotten better about making friends and talking to people.  Just don't "pet" his head and he'll be okay.  Every now and then he still wants to snuggle with me and I want to stop time and soak it all in.  I love him so much.

Piper Grey Bruch.  My firecracker.  She is a nut, people.  She's just so fun.  Even when she's driving me crazy, she's having fun.

She can be in a grassy field a mile wide and find the only 6-inch square of dirt and cover herself in it.  And giggle the entire time. 

She has to be touching things, from rubbing mud on herself to splashing in water to rubbing my arm every time she sits down. 

She's a stubborn little thing and makes the most awesome faces.  She reminds me so much of me (and I'm terrified for when she becomes a teenager).  She picks on her brothers, and she can hold her own with them. 

She absolutely loves animals.  All animals.  Kittens and horses and rats and bugs.  A few days ago she got stung by a bee because she tried to pet him.  But I think her feelings were hurt more than anything.  She just really wanted to be his friend and was so upset that he stung her. 

She also loves the outdoors and typically gets naked immediately upon going outside.  She has a crazy good imagination and will play with anyone - or by herself - for hours.  She's never tired and never bored and will always find a way to be entertained. 

She likes to dance but won't do it in front of anyone but me and her brothers.  She's sweet, too.  She says, "I love you" often and grins at me with those dimples and can get away with a lot more than she should.  I love her so much.

Happy happy birthday to my amazing, funny, sweet, crazy, energetic twins!  Being your mommy makes me so happy.  And tired.  But mostly happy. 

You've completed our family perfectly.

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