Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Twins' 4th Birthday Party

So we just got back from a week-long vacation at the beach.  And I wanted to post pictures and blog about that.  But y'all.  I took a LOT of pictures.  So it will take me a while to sort through them.  In the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick post on the twins' party.  I did NOT take a lot of pictures there because although I remembered my camera, I did not remember that I had removed the battery from it to charge.  So a few iPhone pics it is.

This was actually the night before - on their actual birthday.
They woke up early party morning.  And they were ready for an intense water gun fight.

This was before 7am.

The party theme was "Hulk and bugs" because they each got to pick one thing they love.  We originally planned on having the party off the parkway, but it was supposed to rain so we moved it closer to a nearby park - with a shelter - just in case.

So the kids mostly ran around and played (and Piper dug for bugs), then ate and opened a giant amount of presents.  (Seriously - you know how you think, "What are we going to do with all this?" after a kid's party?  Times two.  Crazy town.)  They were both a little shy about opening at first but warmed up to it quickly.

Instead of cake at the party, we had "dirt cups" with gummy worms and Hulk fists.  I didn't get a picture of them because I was a crazy woman that day.  But trust me - it was pretty cute. 

We came home and played with toys and I put together the awesome fire house Paxton got.  They love it, but I may be even more excited about this than they are.

A little later, we celebrated with sparklers and firecrackers.  They were in awe.

It was a crazy but fun day.  I'm pretty sure the twins had a blast.  We had SO many awesome friends and family that came out to help us celebrate.  It was fun to see everyone and we're humbled by all the amazing people in our lives.

Thanks everyone!!!
 Beach post up next!  Give me a few days.  ;)

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